16/32/48 Channel Serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet/IP converter

16/32/48 Channel Serial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet/IP converter

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The 16/32/48 channel serial RS232/RS485 to ethernet/IP converter is the best choice for cost effective serial to Ethernet connectivity applications.

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    The Baudcom   16/32/48 channel serial RS232/RS485 to ethernet/IP converter  is the best choice for simple serial to Ethernet connectivity applications. Delivering a cost effective solution in a compact size, the serial server offers flexibility making it ideal for applications that require an authentic serial connection across an Ethernet network.
    The 16/32/48 channel serial to ethernet/IP servers can connect 16/32/48 port serial devices to an Ethernet/IP network, It support RS232/RS485 Serial Standards, It can be widely applied in different fields for such as PLCs, sensors, meters, motors, drives, barcode readers, and operator displays. The 16/32/48 channel serial to ethernet servers are ultra-lean, ruggedized, and user friendly, making simple and reliable serial to Ethernet solutions possible.
     16/32/48 channel serial to ethernet converter
    1.     4KV/2KA enhanced surge protection for serial ports
    2.     Built-in 15 KV ESD protection for all serial signals
    3.     Web-based configuration
    4.     Support TCP server/ TCP client/UDP/Virtual COM Socket modes
    5.     It has a compact structure, adopting high-performance processor and high-capacity memory;
    6.     Device Manager software for centralized management and control;
    7.     WEB browser for remote setup of the equipment;
    8.     It can support 8channel RS232 or RS485
    9.      Ethernet supports 10M/100M, full-duplex / half-duplex and adaptive modes;
    10.   can choose WIFI or 3G for transmission

    Connect serial devices to server based applications over an IP network
    Manage remote serial console ports over an IP network
    Virtual modem capability for modem-based applications

    Ethernet Interface
    10/100Mbps rate
    full/duplex auto-negotiation
    Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3
    RJ45 connector
    Magnetic Isolation Protection: 1.5 KV built-in

    Serial interface
    Software and hardware flow control
    Terminal Block (3 pins per port)
    TX and RX activity indicators

    SD interface 
    Mini SD
    Wireless interface 


    Serial Line Protection:
      15 KV ESD protection for all signals(Pending)
      Pull High/Low Resistor for RS-485: 10 K |?Serial Communication Parameters
      Data Bits:  5, 6, 7, 8
      Stop Bits:  1, 2
      Parity:  None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
      Baudrate:  300 bps to 115.2 Kbps
    Serial Signals
    RS-232: TxD, RxD,GND
    RS-422: Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, GND
    RS-485-2w: Data+, Data-, GND
       Network Protocols: ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, ARP,
       Configuration Options: Built-in WEB server,
       Windows Virtual COM Drivers: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
    183 x 88 x 30mm
    Environmental Limits
      Operating Temperature:  0 to 50 degree
      Storage Temperature:  -40 to 85degree
      Ambient Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
    Power Requirements
      Input Voltage: 5 VDC, 24VDC, -48VDC, 110VAC and 220VAC
      Power Consumption: <5 watts

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