75 ohm to 120 ohm Coax to RJ45 16E1 Balun Panel

75 ohm to 120 ohm Coax to RJ45 16E1 Balun Panel

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75 ohm to 120 ohm Coax to RJ45 16E1 Balun Panel,19inch rack mount

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    The coax to RJ45 16E1 balun converter allow 75 Ohm coax to communicate with 120 Ohm twisted pair equipment. The 16E1 balun panel specifically address the ONP requirement that PTTs offer 120 Ohm twisted pair terminations to their customers. Some telecommunication equipments output only on 75 Ohm coax,or have customers whose CPE has only 75 Ohm coax connections. The 75 ohm to 120 ohm balun panel present a ready solution to this termination mismatch by allowing a bi-directional conversion of coax(75 Ohm )to a twisted pair (120 Ohm ),supporting data rates to E1(2.048Mbps). The signals output by them are scaled to match the pulse shape requirements specified by the CCITT G.703 standard.

    • Data Rates to 2.048 Mbps
    • 75 Ohm to 120 Ohm Twisted Pair (RJ45;
    • Bi-Directional Signal Conversion
    • 2U high enclosed chasiss
    • mounts in a standard 19 inch(48.3cm) rack
    • No AC Power or Batteries Needed
    • 16 Female BNC connector Available
    • BNC connector and RJ45 connector are front.

    Transmission Line:

    ITU/CCITT G.703(unstructured)

    Data Rate:

    2.048 Mbps maximum

    Unbalanced Coaxial Connection:

    Dual  coax  BNC  connectors,female  and  Nominal  Line Impedance=75 Ohms

    Balanced Twisted Pair Connection:

    Single 8-pin RJ-45 jack,shielded(two twisted-pair),Nominal Line Impedance=120 Ohms

    Power Supply:

    None required,passive device

    Operating Temp:



    1500V rms

    G.703 Interface

    BNC connector 75OHM
    RJ45 connector 120OHM
    RJ45 connector 120OHM as 1 2 TX,4 5 RX
    BIC-C16-FB 75ohm to 120 ohm 16E1 balun converter,1.5U,19inch rack mount   Request price
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