• PON Key Technology TDM Time-division multiplexing Introduction

    TDM is the abbreviation of Time-division multiplexing which is a method of transmitting and receiving independent signals over a common signal path by means of synchronized switches at each end of the transmission line so that each signal appears on the line only a fraction of time in an alternat...
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  • Can standalone fiber media converter be mornitored and configured?

    If you need a standaone managable media converter,Baudcom’s BD-OAM-SFP is perfect solution.The fiber media converter can be managed by WEB management.The device’s work status can be easily mornitored on time,the user also can configure the media converter easily on local or remote si...
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  • what is VLAN?

    Have you ever wondered what a Virtual LAN (or VLAN) is or been unclear as to why you would want one? If so,please read the article.You will get knowledge about VLAN. What is a LAN? We have to introduce LAN because, if you don’t know what a LAN is, you can’t understand what a VLAN is. A local ar...
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  • Why we need E1 balun?

    1. interface converter Many PDH device have only one kind interface,75ohm BNC coax or 120ohm RJ45 (also called R48). We often need different interface in application field, so we need to convert the interface from 75ohm coax to 120ohm RJ45, or converter from 120ohm RJ45 to 75ohm coax. The E1 balu...
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  • Difference between GEPON and GPON

    GEPON(EPON) and GPON are popular versions of passive optical networks (PONs). These short-haul networks of fiber-optical cable are used for Internet access, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), and digital TV delivery in metropolitan areas. The primary differences between them lie in the protocol...
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  • How to restore E1 TDM over IP management IP address

    Before delivery,we will set the E1 TDM over IP address. Clients often change the IP address as they need. When we do not load the management for longtime, the TDMoIP converter IP address often been forgetten. When we forget the management IP address, we can restore the IP address to the E1 TDM ov...
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  • Difference between TDM over IP and E1 to ethernet converter

    Some clients often confuse in project: Should I use TDM over IP (BD-E1-IP) or use E1 to ethernet converter (BD-E1-ETH)? What is the difference between the two device? Introduction: Many users often confuse the difference between TDM over IP device and E1 to Ethernet converter device. Some users c...
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  • difference between E1 ethernet converter and E1 fiber multiplexer

    what is the difference between the E1 Ethernet converter and the E1 fiber multiplexer (E1 fiber modem)? The E1 fiber multiplexer,which function is E1 over fiber transmission,also can be with ethernet (E1+ethernet over fiber transmission).The E1 fiber multiplexer can support single fiber or dual f...
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  • Lightwave Circuit Splitter

    Lightwave Circuit Splitter Lightwave Circuit SplitterLightwave Circuit Splitter    
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  • FTTX Fiber to Home Triple Play application

      FTTX Fiber to Home Triple Play application BAUDCOM can provide FTTX triple play application total solution. The Triplay application can support data,CATV,VOIP and CATV service, which is ideal FTTX application solution.Baudcom provide OLT,triplay ONU,CATV transmitter,FWDM,splitter,fiber ca...
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