difference between E1 ethernet converter and E1 fiber multiplexer

what is the difference between the E1 Ethernet converter and the E1 fiber multiplexer (E1 fiber modem)?

The E1 fiber multiplexer,which function is E1 over fiber transmission,also can be with ethernet (E1+ethernet over fiber transmission).The E1 fiber multiplexer can support single fiber or dual fiber,also can support management.
Its application: E1+ethernet———-fiber———E1+ethernet.

 E1 ethernet over fiber multiplexer

 The E1 ethernet converter,which function is ethernet over E1 transmission. The E1 converter can support E1 port with 75ohm or 120ohm port.The device can support Console management,easily manage the device and mornitor its working status.

  ethernet———e1 network——ethernet

E1 ethernet converter application

Post time: Dec-09-2017