Baudcom’s E1/Ethernet converter win China Telecom

Baudcom’s E1/Ethernet converter win China Telecom tender on 25th.Feb.2011. Baudcom E1 to ethernet converter is a single port E1/ framed E1 with Ethernet Bridge that provides high-speed LAN-to-WAN connectivity. Plugging directly into the 10/100Base-T port of a hub or LAN switch, the Framed E1 to ethernet converter provides Framed E1 access at connection data rates of 2.048 Mbps, or nx64 (n=1 to 32 channels). The FE1-ETH converter is an excellent choice for internet access as well as LAN-to-LAN services.
The E1 to Ethernet converter is a Mini type case,which occupy small space. The customer can reduce much space in central site.

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Post time: Aug-11-2017