Passive Optical Equipement

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  • Outdoor Floor Standing SMC Cross-connect Cabinet

    Outdoor Floor Standing SMC Cross-connect Cabinet

    Feature: ◆    Systemization: Products of various capacities can meet multiple application requirements. We also offer optical accessories for outdoor cross-connect cabinet, patchcords, pigtails, adaptors, splitters for example, and provide turnkey solutions for installation, splicing, and testing. ◆    Modular design: 12 fibers Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays and splitter trays are adopted for easy installation and maintenance. All components are in the form of modules to achieve flexible configuration. Components of different models are interchangeable, which shortens delivery time, reduces costs, and simplifies installation and maintenance.
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  • Optical Splice Closure

    Optical Splice Closure

    Applications: can be used in outside plant, underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried applications. The device allows for direct jointing and bifurcated jointing. It also protects fiber optic splices from the elements while providing fast and easy no-cost reentry. Features: Circle numbers of tortility : max. 436 Cable number of : max.8-out and 8-in Tortility loss:  0.03dB Anti-bump capacity : 16N m three times , no leak & no rip Max.voltage : 15KV DC Atmospheric pressure : defense level ( EN60529 ): IP54 , IP58 Fire-resistance level : UL94 VO 70Kpa-106Kpa
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  • Fiber Optical Distribution Box

    Fiber Optical Distribution Box

    Description: The fiber terminal is used to connect the fiber in the house and it can be hanged on the wall or fixed on the floor. the body is made of steel plate with rot-resistant coating.For meeting the new development of communication network, the products considered to be new small distribution cabinets, it is applied for remote module offices, BTS, etc. DDF, ODF modules are integrated in the same equipment, so the original functions are realized and do save space and be easy to manage. Features: Mounted against wall to save space Patch cords management is clear and neat Enough optic fiber storing space, curvature ratio of fibers is very well guaranteed Reliable groud protection
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  • 1×2 WDM Optical Fiber Splitter

    1×2 WDM Optical Fiber Splitter

    1×2(2×2) WDM Splitter Applications: WDM systems CATV  Description: Optical fiber splitter is used to split the fiber optic light into several parts at a certain ratio . The fiber optic splitter is an important passive component used in PON FTTX networks. 1310/1550nm WDM can be used to combine or split 1310nm and 1550nm optical signals, which double the fiber transmission capability and ensure bi-direction communication in the single fiber. It is widely used for fiber communication systems upgrading to expand the system capacity. The isolation of regular 1310/1550nm WDM couplers are usually about 17dB within ?15nm bandwidth. Baudcom offers monolithic HWDM coupler with isolation higher than 30 dB. The HWDM can replace the high isolation WDM coupler modules. It features hig...
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  • Optical Patch Cords

    Optical Patch Cords

    Summary: About Fiber optic connector , the ITU call it as a kind of passive light component which can connect two or more fiber lines stably but not always. It can make a close connection for fiber cable and make a wonderful transmission for the light energy . Optional types: FC , SC , ST , LC , MTRJ , MU , SMA , FDDI , E2000 , Sc/pc                         FC/PC                                          SC/PC                                       LC/PC           FC/APC                              SC/APC                      two cores multimode              bundle connector                                                  soft fiber cable Features: 1 Low insertion loss and back reflection loss 2 High return loss 3 High reliability and stability 4 UL-rated plastic housing Application: fi...
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  • 1310/1490/1550 Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer(FWDM)

    1310/1490/1550 Filter Wavelength Division Multi...

    Description: Baudcom Micro-Optical WDM utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging. It provides low insertion loss, high channel isolation, low temperature sensitivity and epoxy free optical path. Applications l         FTTx Broadband Network l         HFC CATV System l         Fiber-Optic Links l         Optical Fiber Amplifier System Features l         Wide Working wavelength Band l         High Reliability and Stability l         Low Insertion Loss l         Polarization Independent
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