1.25G SFP WDM Optical Transceiver

1.25G SFP WDM Optical Transceiver

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SFP WDM Optical Transceiver,1000Base-LX/LH Distance 10km 20Km 40Km with 9/125 SMF Data rate up to 1.25Gb/s Meet SFP MSA
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    BDTRP439S1SN/D-20 Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). The SFP transceiver supports dual data-rate of 1.25Gbps and from 20km transmission distance with SMF. They simultaneously comply with the standards IEEE Std 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u. The SFP module can be compatible with other brand switch devices like Cisco,Huawei etc.The SFP module has the function of AGC (Automatic Gain control without attenuator).

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    BDTRP439L1SN-10 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,   Wavelength:transmitter 1310nm/receiver 1490nm,10km. Request Price
    BDTRP493L1SN-10 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,      Wavelength:transmitter 1490nm/receiver 1310nm,10km. Request Price
    BDTRP439L1SN-20 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,      Wavelength:transmitter 1310nm/receiver 1490nm,20km. Request Price
    BDTRP493L1SN-20 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,wavelength:transmitter 1490nm/receiver 1310nm,20km. Request Price
    BDTRP439L1SN-40 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,wavelength:transmitter 1310nm/receiver 1490nm,40km. Request Price
    BDTRP493L1SN-40 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM, Wavelength:transmitter 1490nm/receiver 1310nm,40km. Request Price
    BDTRP495L1SN-80 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM, Wavelength:transmitter 1490nm/receiver 1550nm,80km. Request Price
    BDTRP459L1SN-80 1000Base-LX,1.25G,LC connector,WDM,Wavelength:transmitter 1550nm/receiver 1490nm,80km. Request Price

    Question1: Is SFP module compatible with Zyxel, 3Com, Cisco and Huawei?
    Answer: No, SFP module is compatible with Zyxel, 3Com and Cisco. For Huawei, it can only be compatible with the old models, because some new devices (such as S6800 series) requires special compatibility code.


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