112 Channels 10G IP QAM Modulator

112 Channels 10G IP QAM Modulator

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BD-QAM-10G 10G IP QAM processor is an all-in-one device which integrates multiplexer, scrambler and modulator in one body with maximum 112 DVB-C QAM channels output.
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    BD-QAM-10G 10G IP QAM processor is an all-in-one device which integrates multiplexer, scrambler and modulator in one body with maximum 112 DVB-C QAM channels output. With 10G switch built in, it can process 10G optical signal to work as a traditional QAM modulator.

    The device is equipped with one fixed 64ch QAM card and another card slot to expand qam card (16/32/48QAM optional). Its high density helps operators to save cost to the most extent.

    Key Features

    Support 3 SFP+ (10G)/SFP(1G) ports input & output from front panel, or RJ45 GE port input & output from daughter cards

    High density, modularized plug-in design, 1U chassis with max 2 QAM cards

    Support multiplexer and scrambler with 6 CAS Simul-cryption

    Maximum 112 non-adjacent QAM carriers output

    Supports accurate PCR adjusting/CA filtering, PID remapping and PSI/SI editing

    Web-based Network management

    Inner Principle Chart (Example: one 64qam card + one 48qam card)

    Carrier Setting Illustration (Example: 64qam card)



    Input Input from Front Panel Max 512 IP in per card through SFP+/SFP ports 1-3
    Input from Daughter Card IP from 2 GE ports (SFP port optional)
    Transmission Rate Max 9600Mbps for each 10G SFP+/SFP input
    Transport Protocol TS over UDP/RTP, unicast and multicast, IGMP V2/V3
    Mux Max PIDs Remapping 256 per output channel
    Functions PID remapping (auto/manually optional)
    PCR accurate adjusting
    PSI/SI table automatically generating
    Scrambling Max simulcrypt CA 6
    Scramble Standard ETR289, ETSI 101 197, ETSI 103 197
    Connection Local/remote connection
    Modulation Modulation Standard EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A/B/C
    Constellation J.83A Constellation :16/32/64/128/256QAM
    Bandwidth :8M
    J.83B/C Constellation :64/256QAM
    Bandwidth :6M
    QAM Channel 32/48/64/80/96/112 non-adjacent carriers output,

    192 or 384Mbps bandwidth for each RF port

    Symbol Rate 3600~7000Ksps, 1ksps stepping

    5057Ksps (J.83B, 64QAM) ; 5361Ksps (J.83B, 256QAM)

    Constellation 16, 32, 64, 128, 256QAM
    FEC RS (204, 188)
    RF Output Interface (per card) 1 or 2 F type output ports for 16/32/48/64 carriers card, 75Ω.

    16 or 32 ch qam card : all Carrier out thru one RF port

    48ch qam card : Carrier 1~24 out thru RF1, 25~48 thru RF2

    64ch qam card : Carrier 1~32 out thru RF1, 33~64 thru RF2

    RF Range 50~960MHz, 1kHz stepping
    Output Level -20dBm~+10dBm(87~117dbμV), 0.1dB stepping
    MER ≥ 40dB
    TS output Per Daughter QAM Card 16/32/48/64 IP output over UDP/RTP/RTSP, unicast/multicast,

    through SFP+/SFP ports 1-3 or GE port RJ45

    System Web-based Network management
    General Dimension 420mm×440mm×44.5mm (WxLxH)
    Temperature 0~45℃(operation), -20~80℃(storage)
    Power Supply AC 100V±10%, 50/60Hz ; or  AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
    Consumption 50W(1 daughter QAM card)/75W(2 daughter QAM cards)
    Order information
    Product Model Descriptions Inquiry
    BD-QAM-10G-32 32channel 10G IP modulator, 32ch QAM out, 32qam card * 1 Request Price
    BD-QAM-10G-48 48channel 10G IP modulator, 48ch QAM out, 48qam card * 1 Request Price
    BD-QAM-10G-64 64channel 10G IP modulator, 64ch QAM out, 64qam card * 1 Request Price
    BD-QAM-10G-112 112ch QAM out, 64qam card * 1 + 48qam card *1 Request Price

    Question1: Please give me access details for 10G qam, login IP, username and password?
    Answer: Login IP:, user name: admin, password: admin.

    Question1: Does tv channel order need to have something to do with Quams? For example, 1st Quam has channels 2-8, 2nd quam has channels 9-15 and etc. Or i can set the tv channel on 1st quam? for example, 1st Quam has channel number 5, 23, 39, 57 and 72?
    Answer: yes, operator can config TV channels freely to different qam channel out.

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