16E1 over Gigabit Ethernet Multiplexer 16E1 over IP

16E1 over Gigabit Ethernet Multiplexer 16E1 over IP

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Baudcom’s 16E1 over Ethernet Multiplexer (16E1 TDM over IP) supports transportation of 16 E1/T1s over 5 GE (gigabit ethernet) ports and 1 GE optical port(SFP slot).The TDMoIP device can support E1 and T1,WEB management.
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    As a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet networking technology, the 16 E1 over Ethernet (E1 over IP) adopts the innovative TDM over IP technology, with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of 8~16 E1s and 5 GE electrical ports and 1 GE SFP optical port. The uplink ports and user data ports are IEEE 802.3 compliant, 10/100/1000M auto-sensed Ethernet ports.
    State-of-the-art design provides the highest availability with the accurate timing signal and data bit stream reconstruction. Predefined system parameter profiles that according to different application requirement; ultimately simplify the installation process and saving the maintenance cost.

    The device can support point to point applicaton (two units work in pairs, one device at each end of the network mode point to point). The device also can support point to multipoint application (the 16 E1 device work together with other members in Baudcom TDM over IP family such as 1E1/2E1/4E1/8E1 tdm over ip device). Telecom and Enterprise users can save a lot of access and equipment costs and generates new revenue by offering different types of services over their packet-switched infrastructure. It is also suitable for connecting to the wireless equipment to achieve fast deployment of E1/T1 services. One particular application is to build E1/T1 links with low cost Wireless LAN bridges, replacing much more costly microwave radios. Operators can use Baudcom TDM over IP devices to provide legacy TDM services over wired or wireless Ethernet/IP network.

    Provide 5 Gigabit ethernet electrical ports and 1 Gigabit ethernet optical port, 6 ports serve as network uplinks or users ports

    Support Ethernet spanning tree protocol which enable normal work and protection in ring and mesh topology, protection resume in short time

    User-friendly Web server supported for easy setup and maintenance, alarm log provided

    Support SNMP V1/V2 network management

    Ethernet built-in layer 2 switch, support VLAN, comply with IEEE 802.3x, 802.1P

    Provide two pluggable E1 cards, each card supports 8 E1/T1s

    Point to point and point to multipoint supported

    Stable E1 clock recovery, low jitter and wander

    E1 support local and remote loop

    Low processing delay for E1 channels, high bandwidth usage efficiency

    Resist to packet loss, with PCM frame synchronization protection

    User definable encapsulation packet size for different application

    Support Ethernet encapsulation and UDP/IP protocol encapsulation.

    Support VLAN settings for E1 service and in band VLAN management.

    Enough jitter buffer to resist packet delay variation (PDV)

    Local Ethernet port throughput limiting, assuring E1 QoS

    120Ω balanced E1/T1 port, RJ-45 connector, support 75Ω unbalanced port through outside converting cable.

    Support cascade concatenate for more than 16 E1 ports

    Software and hardware online upgrade

    Support single powwer(AC or DC) or double power supply redundancy(AC+AC,DC+DC,AC+DC)

    Web Management Screen







    5 GE electrical ports and 1 GE optical port(SFP Slot), 16 E1s


    IP ports

    5 GE electrical ports and 1GE optical port(SFP Slot),Comply with IEEE 802.3, 802.3x,802.1Q, 802.1P, Speed and duplex auto-negotiation or manual, Auto MDI-X,RJ45 female connector

    E1 Ports

    16 E1 Ports Supported

    Comply with ITU-T G.703 G.742 G.823 standard

    Impedance: 120ohm(balanced,RJ45 connector)

    or 75ohm(unbalanced,BNC connector)

    Rate: 2.048Mbps

    Code: High Density Line Code Bipolar-3 (HDB3).

    Optical Port
    (SFP module is not included in the normal device)

    Fiber type: Single fiber or dual fiber
    Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm/1550nm

    Optical connector: LC or SC

    Transmission distance: 2km/20km/80km/100km

    Rate: 1000Mbps

    Code: non-return-to-zero (NRZ)

    NM port

    Same as IP ports

    Web server and SNMP management supported


    LED indicator

    Power status indicator
    E1 activity status indicator
    Ethernet LAN indicator
    Optical connection indicator



    Support single power (AC or DC) or double power

    (2DC or 2AC or DC+AC)

    -48V~-72VDC or 100~240VAC 60 Hz.



    Working Environment


    0~ 50°C

    Relative Humidity

    ≤95% (non-condensing)

    Storage temperature

    0-70 ° C


    W x H x D (mm):

    1U rack mount 440 x 44 x 231


    Application1: two units 16E1 TDM over IP work as point to point application.

    Application2: point to multipoint applicaiton,16E1 TDM over IP work with E1 TDM over IP,2E1 TDM over IP,4E1 TDM over IP,8E1 TDM over IP.

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    Product Model Descriptions Inquiry
    BD-16E1-IP-G/AC 16E1 over ethernet multiplexer,E1 port 120ohm(RJ45 connector),5*Gigabit ethernet electrial port and 1*SFP slot optical port,power AC220V Request Price
    BD-16E1-IP-G/DC 16E1 over ethernet multiplexer,E1 port 120ohm(RJ45 connector),5*Gigabit ethernet electrial port and 1*SFP slot optical port,power DC48V Request Price
    BD-16E1-IP-G/AD 16E1 over ethernet multiplexer,E1 port 120ohm(RJ45 connector),5*Gigabit ethernet electrial port and 1*SFP slot optical port,double power AC220V+DC48V Request Price
    E1 cable RJ45 to BNC converter cable,tdm over IP device's 75ohm E1 port assembly. Request Price
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