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16Voice Phone plus 4Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer

16Voice Phone plus 4Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer

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Overview 16voice phone fiber multiplexer is point to point fiber transmitting equipment, which is de…
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    16voice phone fiber multiplexer is point to point fiber transmitting equipment, which is designed on large scale integrated circuit, realizes 1~4 E1 circuit, 1~4channels 10/100/1000M Ethernet, 16 channel voice (FXO/FXS) and 1~2 channel RS232. Its merits include complete warning function, high integration, low consumption, stable performance and convenient usage. In the 16channel voices, the FXS and FXO can be combinated freely, for example,8*FXS+8*FXO.


    • Provides1~ 4 channel E1/ G.703 for option;
    • provides 1~4 channel 1000M (line) Ethernet ports for option;
    • provides 16 channel voice port, FXO and FXS for option;
    • provides1~2 channel RS232, rate supports 300-15200 bps for option;
    • Ethernet port 10/100/1000M, full/half duplex auto-adaptable and supports VLAN;
    • Ethernet port supports AUTO-MDIX (twisted cable and straight cable auto-adaptable);
    • 1-16 channel voice connection, supports calling indication;
    • Configuration: point to point;
    • Voice port supports O port and S port, O port connects switch and S port connects user’s phone;
    • Optical interface supports SC/FC interface and supports single fiber interface
    • Power can support DC48V or AC220V or AC+DC

    voice over fiber multiplexer back panel picture

    16voice+4GE fiber multiplexer back panel picture

    Optical interface    

    Optical wavelength: single mode 1310nm/1550nm

    Fiber: single fiber or double fiber for option

    Transmitting consumption: -9dBm/-5dBm

    Transmission range: 0-50Km/120Km for option

    Optical interface: SC/FC

    Receiving and dispatching module: >-6dBm

    Optical receiver receiving sensitivity <-36 dBm (BER<10-11)

    Fiber circuit code: NRZ code


    Alarm voltage:     75V

    Alarmf requency:    25HZ

    2 line input impedance:  600Ω (hanging off)

    Wastage:         40db


    Alarm detecting voltage:  35V

    Alarm detecting frequency: 17HZ-60HZ

    2 line input impedance:    600Ω (hanging off)

    Wastage:               40db

    10/100/1000M Base-T Ethernet Interface

    Rate: 10/100/1000M, full/duplex auto-negotiation

    Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

    MAC Address Entiries: 4096 Entiries

    Total Memory Sizes: 64MBits SDRAM

    Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX

    E1 Interface

    Interface standard: Conforms to G.703 standard

    Interface rate: N×64Kbps, N:1~32

    Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and G.823 standard

    Transmission capacity: 1*E1

    Clock type: internal-clock, route clock

    Connecter: BNC (75 Ω

    Interface impedance: 75Ω(non- balanced)

    RS232 port

    Rate:  300-115.2Kbps auto-adaptable (Asynchronous)

    Interface characteristic:  satisfies ITU-T V.24 standard



    19inch 1U high rack mount 433mm(L)x238mm(W)x44mm(H)

    Environment condition                  

    Operating temperature:  0C~+50 C

    Storage temperature:   -20 C~+70 C

    Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)

    Power supply                        

    working voltage range wide, good

    anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable

    option I – DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C

    option II – AC220V,range AC90V~AC260V

    Power Consumption:    <=3 Watts

    Question1: Just to confirm again, can the voice phone fiber multiplexer equipment have the following specifications:
    FXO Port
    1. Ringing Voltage Range: -90V-140V rms
    2. Voltage to AB Leg: Must be able to handle Exchange voltage of A-line -48V DC, B-line 0V DC.
    FXS Port
    Line Voltage A-B: -48V DC
    Answer: Yes, the voice phone fiber multiplexer has the above specifications.

    Question2: Is there VLAN dip switch built on the POTS telephone fiber multiplexer?
    Answer: The fiber mux device has not DIP switch for VLAN setting. You configure the VLAN TAG by console management.

    Question3: Can the FXS FXO over fibrt multiplexer be managed by SNMP?
    Answer: Yes, the FXS/FXO fiber multiplexer support SNMP management.

    Question4: Can the Fiber Multiplexer be configured as 4Voice+4ETH+4RS232 with SNMP? If can, does the device have VLAN dip switch?
    Answer: Yes, the Fiber Multiplexer can be configured as 4Voice+4ETH+4RS232 with SNMP. But the device doesn’t have VLAN dip switch. VLAN cannot be set through SNMP, only can be set through console management.


    4Gigabit ethernet 16voice phone over fiber multiplexer

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    BD-OP-MUX16-GE Voice phone fiber multiplexer,16 POTs voice (FXS or FXO),4*10/100/1000M Ethernet,power AC220V or DC 48V Request Price
    BD-OP-MUX16-GE/4E1/2RS232 voice phone over fiber multiplexer,16POTS voice (FXS or FXO),4*10/100/1000M Ethernet,4E1,2*RS232,power AC220V or DC48V Request Price
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