1GE GPON ONU FTTH modem Router

1GE GPON ONU FTTH modem Router

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BD-ONT-111-Z-B has one 10/100/1000M RJ45 port, color white, AC 110V~220V power adapter. It is ideal for home and SOHO (small office and home office) users.
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    1GE ONU has one 10/100/1000M RJ45 port, color white, AC 110V~220V power adapter. It is a GPON-based device, aimed towards home and SOHO (small office and home office) customers. FTTH GPON ONU is one of the GPON optical network unit designs that cater to broadband access network requirements. GPON network is used in FTTH/FTTO to provide data and video services.

    1GE ONU offers a variety of services to consumers, including high-speed Internet access, on-demand video, video conferencing, and huge file transmission. It can provide customers with a multitude of services and fully meet the needs of carrier-class FTTH optical network terminal equipment with the support of NGBN View NMS.

    OMCI makes it simple to maintain the 1GE FTTH GPON ONU router. Remote service distribution, fault diagnostics, and performance data are all possible with OMCI, lowering operation and maintenance expenses significantly.

    One GE auto-adapting Ethernet port is provided by the 1GE FTTH GPON router modem. The mini onu is equipped with high-performance forwarding capabilities to offer a great Internet and high-definition video experience. As a result, for FTTH deployment, it delivers complete terminal solutions as well as future-oriented business support capabilities. The 1GE FTTH GPON ONU is compatible with most OLT brands, including Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, and others.

    Brand New Chip of ONU

    Brand New Chip of ONU

    • Router mode supports PPPoE/DHCP/static IP
    • Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control
    • Incompliant with ITU-T G984.1/2/3/4 Standard
    • Supports 32 TCONT, 256 gem ports
    • Support the 984 standard AES128 encryption function
    • Support SBA and DBA
    • Support ONU auto-discovery/Linkdetection/remote upgrade of software
    • Support VLAN division anduser separation to avoid broadcast storm
    • Support broadcasting storm resistance function
    • Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly
    • Specialized designfor system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system
    • Support software online upgrading EMS network management based on SNMP, convenient for Maintenance
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    BD-ONT-111-Z-B 1GE GPON ONU, One 10/100/1000M RJ45 port. Color White, AC 110V~220V power adapter Request Price

    Question1: Does 1GE GPON ONU only support Bridge mode or Bridge+Route mode?
    Answer: Our 1GE GPON ONU can support both Bridge mode and Route mode.

    Question2: Can Baudcom ONT/ONU support IPv6? Can it support TR069?
    Answer: Yes, Baudcom ONT/ONU supports IPv6.  The TR069 is supported by our 1GE XPON ONU.

    Question3: Does Baudcom ONT/ONU offer OEM service?
    Answer: Yes, Baudcom ONT/ONU offers OEM service and can print logos according to customers’ design.

    Question4: Does TP-Link OLT have limitation on your ONU?
    Answer: No, Baudcom ONU can connect TP-Link OLT easily.

    Question5: This is also the case if we switch off the supply on the GE ONU, how long time it takes to transmit data from the Ethernet side after turn on it?
    Answer: The time will be less 20seconds. The ONU is powered off and then powered on again; not only the ONT needs to be restarted, but also the configuration and services must be obtained locally or on the OLT.

    Question6: Can the XPON ONU 1G be compatible with OLT ZTE, Huawei, VSOL, CATA?
    Answer: Our XPON ONU can work with all brand’s OLT if they do not limit other ONU.  VSOL, CATA, ZTE, Huawei OLT have been tested successfully with our ONU.

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    5 responses

    1. Fozin Republic of Chad

      we bought the ge router onu. it is working fine in router mode. We are not able to set bridge function with this model, can you support us?

      • admin China

        The 1GE GPON ONT default working mode is bridge mode. If you need the ONU work as bridge mode, need not to do any configuration. If you configure it as router mode, the ONU will work as router mode. If you delete the router mode, it will work as bridge mode.

    2. RomaVictor Argentina

      I am using the onu with a direct fiber ISP using PPoE. After baudcom engineer tech support, i was able to find out simple login credentials and its working great! Lots of bells and whistles that I am not using (like the built in DHCP router). I was soo happy to return back the stock/restricted router to my ISP.

    3. Ricardo Zamora Mexico

      Arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and working perfectly, arrived right without problems. I am very satisfied.

    4. Koshko Ruslan Russia

      Shipped and delivered promptly. Neatly packed and packing is intact. Works with MGTS. You can change serial and password in the Web face. We have tested all.

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