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24GE POE Managed Switch with 4ports 10G SFP uplink

24GE POE Managed Switch with 4ports 10G SFP uplink

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Description  Support L2+ Switching features, including VLAN, TRUNK, Mirroring, Port isolation/flow c…
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    •  Support L2+ Switching features, including VLAN, TRUNK, Mirroring, Port isolation/flow control/speed limit, Storm control,  QOS,ACLs etc.
    •  Support spanning tree STP and RSTP.
    •  Jumbo frames support up to 9.6K kilobytes
    •  Support enhanced management through WEB, CLI, TELNET, SNMP
    •  Support cable diagnosis
    •  24 ports support PoE. Compliant with both IEEE 802.3af/at. Allow PoE configuration for each PoE port


    u  High-performance of both hardware and software

    This 10G L2+ PoE switch uses top-rated 10G network switching chip, multiple layers PCB design,  as well as self-developed switch software system. With combination of hardware and software, it improves product quality from forwarding stability, packet processing speed, and other work capability.

    u  Support the fast ring network protocol, free configuration

    The switch supports stable and reliable fast Ring Protection Protocol(RSTP). It Achieved real ring loop redundancy protection. Besides, there is no need to configure 10G port when users using this switch, to reduce probability of network failure.

    u  Strong network security

    Support dynamic or static binding by users’ definition, such as IP, MAC, VLAN, PORT, etc. Support port isolation, to prevent communication between two neighbor network equipment within the same broadcast domain , for reducing network risk; Supports perfect storm control function which can suppress broadcast, multi-cast, and uni-cast storm; Support specific ARP inspection which can effectively prevent ‘‘ARP spoofing attack’’ created by hackers or attackers via ARP packets.

    u  Convenient management and maintenance
    By easy WEB interface(http and https protocol supported), you can conveniently operate and configure all kinds of function in this switch. Support management by CLI, Telnet, Console port, which is more suitable for professional network administrator; It also allow reset by one-press, making maintenance easier.

    Model BD-S2124FSP
    Ports 24*10/100/1000M PoE RJ45 ports
    4*10G SFP+ ports
    Management port 1x Console port
    Reset key 1x Reset key, for restore default settings
    Switching Capacity 598G
    PoE Feature IEEE802.3af/at

    Support PoE management, PoE schedule, Information of PoE status.

    Packet Forwarding Rate 95Mpps @ 64byts
    Operating temperature -20~+55°C
    Input voltage AC: 110~240V/50~60Hz
    Total power consumption 400W
    Model BD-S2124FSP
    Protocol & Standard IEEE 802.3,10BASE-T Ethernet;
    IEEE 802.3u, fast Ethernet Standard;
    IEEE 802.3ab, gigabit Ethernet Standard;
    IEEE 802.3z, gigabit Ethernet Fiber Standard;(AOC fiber cable)
    IEEE 802.3ae,10G Ethernet Standard;
    IEEE 802.3x, full-duplex Ethernet data link layer flow control;
    MAC 32K
    supports automatic updates, two-way learning;
    SRAM Buffer 32Mb
    VLAN Support up to 4K VLAN;
    Support port-based VLAN;
    Support 802.1Q tag-based VLAN;
    Spanning Tree STP, RSTP, MSTP
    Port  Aggregation
    Support 4x 10G ports aggregation, support 32x gigabit ports aggregation
    Support 16x groups aggregation
    Port Mirroring Support multiple to single Port mirroring, no limit for quantity of mirroring source ports
    Port Isolation Support downstream ports isolated from each other, while opening communication with upstream ports
    Port Flow Control Support half-duplex back pressure based control;
    Support full-duplex PAUSE frame based control;
    Port Speed Limit Support port-based input/output bandwidth management
    Storm Control Prevents traffic on a LAN from being disrupted by a broadcast, multicast, or unicast storm on a port
    Support port storm threshold setting
    Security  Features Hardware support port-based IP+MAC Binding;
    Hardware support port-based ARP inspection detection;
    QOS SP (Strict Priority);
    WFQ (Weighted Fair Queuing);
    WRR (Weighted Round Robin);
    Head Of Line;
    Best-Effort Service;
    First come first served;
    Cos/Tos, QOS;
    Differentiated Service;
    Network Cable Line Sequence Support Auto-MDIX, automatic Identification straight-through cable and crossover cable
    cable diagnosis Support cable diagnosis, Cable quality (differential pair impedance 85ohm ~ 125ohm), cable length, a short-circuit line
    Negotiation Mode Support port auto-negotiation function (auto-negotiation transmission rate and duplex mode)
    System Maintenance Support configuration file upload/download;
    Support update packet upload;
    Support WEB reset;
    Reset by pressing key;
    Support system log save/output;
    Network Management Support WEB management ;
    Support CLI management ;




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