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24Ports GE SFP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

24Ports GE SFP Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

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Overview BD-S2500 is a standard L2 switch, which is capable of high performance and gigabit speed pa…
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    BD-S2500 is a standard L2 switch, which is capable of high performance and gigabit speed packet forwarding. This series of switch has 6/12/20 RJ45 10/100/1000M TX ports(20 1000M SFP for S2524GX), plus 2/4 TX/SFP combo. Due to its high performance and low cost, BD-S2500 series switch is considered a very competitive Ethernet switching solution for community networking and workgroup networking in enterprise networks.


    Excellent performance

    104Gbps backboard bandwidth, uncongested design and full wire-speed forwarding

    Gigabit optical-fiber transmission with up to 80Km distance and directly connecting the MAN backbone network

    High security and reliability

    Providing multiple user authentication modes such as 802.1x authentication

    Powerful ACL and hardware supporting L2 to L7 data filtration

    Port-MAC-IP bind

    Special ARP invasion detection to effectively stop ARP cheat

    Flexible and various managements

    Automatically identifying the straight-through cable and the intercrossed cable

    Adopting the cluster technology; supporting device stacking; managing uniquely through a unique IP address; saving address resources

    Supporting multiple management modes such as Console port, Telnet, Web and SNMP

    Supporting multiple general network management protocols like Broad Director, HP Open View and Cisco Works 2000

    Powerful flow and broadcast management

    Automatically detecting and controlling broadcast storms, monitoring IGMP packets and effectively preventing broadcast packet’s flooding

    Supporting flow control in full-duplex mode or half-duplex mode

    The rate limitation in a minimum step of 64K is supported on the Ethernet interface.Supporting IP multicast and QoS.


    BD-S2510 BD-S2516 BD-S2524 BD-S2528GX
    Port 8 GE TX ports,

    2 GE SFP ports,

    1 console port

    14 GE TX ports,

    2 GE Combo ports, 1 console port

    20 GE TX ports,

    4 GE Combo ports, 1 console port

    24 GE SFP ports,

    4 GE Combo ports, 1 console port

    Switch Fabric 20Gbps  32Gbps 48Gbps 56Gbps
    Forwarding Mode Store-and-forward
    MAC Address Table Size 8K
    Jumbo frame 9612 12270


    Spanning Tree IEEE 802.1D STP, IEEE 802.1w RSTP
    VLAN Port-based VLAN, 802.1Q tag VLAN, Private VLAN, GVRP dynamic VLAN configuration, QinQ
    Traffic Control Back pressure at half-duplex, 802.3x at full-duplex, CAR support, 64K step size for 100-M ports, 8 M step size for Gigabit ports
    Storm  Control Stop sending at threshold to restrict broadcast/multicast/unicast storms (except S2508)
    Multicast Control IGMP snooping
    Port Trunking Up to 12 groups with up to 24 ports per group, dynamic LACP or static aggregation
    Port Mirroring Supported. Can be based on flow classification
    Security IEEE 802.1x port-based user authentication

    Port Security (except S2508)

    Remote authentication through RADIUS

    User privilege classification and password protection

    QoS Head Of Line (HOL) blocking prevention mechanism

    4 dispatching queues per port, mapping the 8 priority queues in 802.1p

    Strict Priority

    Weighted Round Robin

    802.3ah: Discovery, Link Monitoring, Remote Failure Indication

    Network Management SNMP v1/v2

    RMON (Group 1, 2, 3, 9)


    Command Line Interface (CLI)

    Web interface

    Support BDCOM network management tools suite: Broad Director


    Software Upgrade TFTP/FTP
    Configuration Upload/download TFTP/FTP
    Working Environment
    Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 50°C, non-operating: -40 ~ 70°C
    Humidity 0 ~ 90% (no condensing)
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    BD-S2528GX Gigabit-Ethernet switch with 28 gigabit ports (1 console port, 24 gigabit SFP slots, 4 gigabit TX/SFP ports, 220VAC power supply) Request Price
    BD-S2524 Gigabit-Ethernet switch with 24 gigabit ports (1 console port, 20 10/100/1000M TX ports, 4 gigabit TX/SFP ports, 220VAC power supply) Request Price
    BD-S2516 Gigabit-Ethernet switch with 16 gigabit ports (1 console port, 14 10/100/1000M TX ports, 2 gigabit TX/SFP ports, 220VAC power supply) Request Price
    BD-S2510 Gigabit-Ethernet switch with 10 ports (1 console port, 8 10/100/1000M TX ports, 2 gigabit SFP slots, 220VAC power supply) Request Price
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