2×1.25G to 2.5G Aggregator

2×1.25G to 2.5G Aggregator

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1、Overview Dual Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator mapping 2 port Gigabit Ethernet into 1 port 2.5G uplink,…
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    Dual Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator mapping 2 port Gigabit Ethernet into 1 port 2.5G uplink, reducing the conversion CAPEX and increasing the fiber utilization effectively.

    Aggregator can be used in point-to-point topology as a media converter for transmitting two Gigabit Ethernet services over one pair fiber. It also can be used as wavelength converter for extending the system’s transmission capacity doubly in CWDM system.

    This series has powerful management function via WEB or SNMP mode when used in 2U system platform. It also support used standalone without any configuration.

    The device has three SFP-based ports: SFP3/2.5G is 2.5G uplink line port, SFP2 and SFP1 are Gigabit Ethernet client ports. The Aggregator must be used in couples.


    2.1 Front panel diagram

    2.2 LED Description

    There are five LED At Front panel of Device

    LED  label Color Description
    P3 LNK Green ON: 2.5G Uplink is on.

    Blinking: Data transmission is on

    P2 LNK Green ON: SFP2 connecting is on.

    Blinking: Data transmission is on

    P1 LNK Green ON: SFP1 connecting is on.

    Blinking: Data transmission is on

    PWR Green ON: Power supply is normal

    3、Technical Specifications

    Optical Specification

    l   Interface Type: 1000base-X

    l   Optical Connecter:SC/PC,LC/PC

    l   Transmission distance: 220m~120Km

    l   Multi-mode: 50/125 or 62.5/125μm

    l   Single-mode: 9/125μm


    Data Transfer Rate:

    l   2.5Gbps for SFP3, 1.25Gbps for SFP2 and SFP1.

    l   Frame Loss Rate: 0% (64 ~1518 bytes @ 100% data rate)

    l   Frame rate: 100% line rate

    l   maximum Frame size: up to 10000bytes

    l   Latency:2500ns/pair (Connected by short jumper line)

    Support Hot-swap

    Power Requirement:

    l   power consumption: 4W(Max)

    l   Power adaptor: 220V(110-245V)AC,50Hz

    l   Voltage:+5VDC


    l   operating temperature Range: 0 ~ 50℃

    l   Storage Temperature range: -40 oC to 85 oC

    l   Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% no Condensation

    Physical description:

    l   Dimensions: 120x80x25mm(H×W×D)

    l   Weight: 0.15Kg

    4、Network management function

    l   All the LED status of the aggregator

    l   The connection of the three port

    l   DDM information of the sfp optical module


    No Aggregatoruse two pair fiber

    Use Aggregatoronly one pair fiber


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    BD-1.25G-2.5G-I Dual Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator(Internal Power supply) Request Price
    BD-1.25G-2.5G-E Dual Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator(External power supply) Request Price
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