360 POTS FXO/FXS over 12E1 multiplexer

360 POTS FXO/FXS over 12E1 multiplexer

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360POTS (FXO/FXS) over 12E1(G.703) is a kind of point-to-point fiber transmission device. BAUDCOM 36…
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    360POTS (FXO/FXS) over 12E1(G.703) is a kind of point-to-point fiber transmission device. BAUDCOM 360Pots over E1 multiplexer could match different customer requirement. This device is 1U High, which provides telephone outputs 360, Equipment electrical part for the whole digital circuits, machine reliability, stability, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy installation and maintenance. Many customers are telecommunications operators 12*E1 leased lines used in computer networking, this equipment can be rented at the E1 line opened a few line phone, you can make free calls between headquarters and branch offices of this.

    Technical Specifications

    •  Based on proprietary integrated circuits;
    •  Alarm status can be monitored  on the end;
    •  E1 interface complies with G.703, all-digital clock recovery and smooth phase-locked technology;
    •  Support FXO / FXS ports, also 2wire audio and magnetic port for option,
    •  FXO port connect to PBX and FXS port connect  to telephone user;
    •  360 line voice access, support caller ID function and reverse polarity billing functions;
    •  Support Telephone Number mutual function of each site;
    •  E1 signal can be detected as a barrier to the end device is lost or shut E1;
    •  Support Console manager and SNMP agent manager  for option
    •  Multiple power mode options: AC220V, DC-48V/DC+24V, etc;
    FXO port
    Alarm voltage 75V
    Alarm frequency 25HZ
    2 line input impedance  600Ω (hanging off)
    Wastage 40db
    FXS port
    Alarm detecting voltage   35V
    Alarm detecting frequency 17HZ-60HZ
    2 line input impedance 600Ω (hanging off)
    Wastage 40db
    E1 Interface
    Number of Interfaces 1 port
    Line Rate E1 (2.048Mbps ± 50 bps)
    Line Code HDB3
    Electrical ITU-T G.703
    Jitter G.823
    Impedance 75hom/120 Ohms
    Connectors BNC(75ohm) or RJ45(120ohm)
    Mechanical Specifications
    Rack Mounting Standard 19-inch DIN rack 60POTS model
    Dimension 19inch 1 U: 485mm(L)*200mm(D)*220mm(H)
    Management for option
    Console or SNMP central management via chassis for option,pls notisfy when order
    Power Supply
    Input AC/DC voltage -48V DC ( nominal ) / AC also available
    Range of input -36V to -72V DC /90V~260VAC
    Temperature 0  centi degree to 55 centi degree
    Humidity 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Cooling Convection Cooling
    Order information
    BD-12E1-MUX360/CH 19inch rackmount ,6U high chassis
    BD-12E1-MUX360/30FXO 30 channel FXO module,comply with BD-OP-MUX360/CH
    BD-12E1-MUX360/30FXS 30 channel FXS module,comply with BD-OP-MUX360/CH
    BD-12E1-MUX360/P/AC AC220V power module
    BD-12E1-MUX360/P/DC DC48V power module



    360POTS over 12E1 multiplexer

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