72 Core Outdoor Armored Underground Fiber Optic Cable

72 Core Outdoor Armored Underground Fiber Optic Cable

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72 Core Direct Buried Fiber Optic Cable GYTA53 consists of 250um fibers held in gel-filled PBT loose tubes, and wrapped around a phosphatized steel wire central strength member, fiber counts from 2 to 432.
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    In the GYTA53 underground fiber optic cable, 250um fibers are wrapped around a phosphatized steel wire central strength element and held in gel-filled PBT loose tubes. The loose tube is filled with a waterproof substance, and the cable core is metal reinforced in the center. A layer of polyethylene must be extruded outside the metal-reinforced core for some underground fiber optic cable. The loose tube coils around the central reinforcing core to form a spherical and compact cable core, with the water-blocking fillers filling the gaps. To construct a 72 core outdoor fiber cable, a polyethylene sheath wraps and extrudes longitudinally through plastic-coated aluminum tape.


    • Fiber count :2~288 , low loss, low dispersion.
    • Proper design and precise excess length control offer excellent mechanical and environmental properties to cable.
    • Double sheath enhances the cable’s side pressure resistance and moisture proof property.
    • Small size, light weight, easy to install.
    • Applicable to long distance, inter-exchange communication, CATV, computer network transmission system, etc.
    • Jacket can be made of LSZH material,(The model turns to GYTZY53 in the case)


    1. Colored fiber

    Coated outside diameter:125.0±0.1um

    Optical fiber diameter:242±7um

    UV color fiber: Standard chromatogram


    2. Tube filling compound(Gel)

    3. PBT loose tube

    4. Steel wire Central strength member

    5. Core filling compound

    6. Black PE inner jacket Outside diameter: 8.5±0.2mm

    7. Corrugated steel tape

    8. Filler

    9.Black PE out jacket Outside diameter: 12.8±0.2mm

    Parameters of fiber

     Optical fiber type  Unit  SM G652  SM G652D  MM 50/125  MM 62.5/125  MM OM3-300
     Waveband  nm  1310/1550  1310/1550  850/1300  850/1300  850/1300
     Attenuation  dB/km  0.36/0.23  0.36/0.23  3.0/1.0  3.0/1.0  3.0/1.0


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