8 Core Fiber Optic Terminal Box

8 Core Fiber Optic Terminal Box

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BD-FTB-8D can connect the drop cable with feeder cable as the termination point in the Fttx network, which is cable to meet 4 users or 8 users requirements. It can help splicing, splitting, storage and management with suitable space.
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    Fiber Optic Terminal Box delivers a higher level of application quality. The fully enclosed, wet/water/dust-proof, and anti-aging structure ensures a long service life. Clamping for feeder and drop cable in the distribution box for improved protection. It can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, and it is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

    The Fiber Optic Terminal Box combines fusion with optical distribution, allowing for direct optical cable fusion and divergence. It can be used for user end terminal access as well as wiring connections to optical communication equipment. In FTTx networks, a fibre optic distribution box is an ideal cost-effective solution provider.


    ●    The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength;

    ●    With safe special-shaped lock, the box can be opened easily and has good water-proof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor natural environments (Pic#4 for details);

    ●    With double-page design, the box can be installed and maintained easily,

    the fusion and termination are completely separated; ( Pic#5 for details);

    ●    The drop leaf can be installed 1 pcs of 1*8 Module Type Splitter ( Pic#6 for details);

    A Video of 8 Core Fiber Optic Termination Box:

    Pictures for reference:

     4 5






    Technical Index

    Model No.



    Black, Grey White..

    Max Capacity

    8cores SC
    16cores LC

    Protection Level




    Flame retardant performance

    Non-flame retardant




    1×1:8 Module Type Splitter

    1×1:4 Module Type Splitter


    The dimension diagram:(mm)

     1  2  3

    Pic#1:  Top View

    Pic#2:  Side View

    Pic#3: Front View


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    BD-FTB-8D 8core fiber terminal box, pC+ABS, IP55 protect level,black Request Price
    BD-FTB-8D/W 8core fiber terminal box, PC+ABS, IP55 protect level,black, built-in 1:8 card type splitter SC/UPC Request Price
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