ASU80 Outdoor Aerial Cable

ASU80 Outdoor Aerial Cable

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ASU80 Outdoor Aerial Cable has loose tube construction and a water-resistant gel substance. It is applicable for short span aerial and duct installation and is ideal for long-distance communication.
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    The fiber in ASU80 Outdoor Aerial Cable is protected by a loose tube construction and a water-resistant gel substance. Water-blocking material is placed to the tube to keep the cable watertight. On both sides, two parallel fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pieces are placed. A single PE outer sheath protects the cable. ASU80 Outdoor Fiber Aerial Cable is ideal for long-distance communication because it can be installed in aerial. It is recommended for phone, data, and image traffic structured cabling systems with distribution across campus and between buildings that require external optical links.


    • 1-24 Core
    • Small size and ligth weight
    • Two FRP as strength member to provide good tensile performance
    • Gel filled or gel free, good waterproof performance
    • Low price, high fiber capacity
    • Applicable for short span aerial and duct installation

    Fibers & Loose Tube Colours Display

    fiber color

    Fiber Parameters

    No. Items Unit Specification
    1 Mode Field Diameter 1310nm μm 9.2±0.4
    1550nm μm 10.4±0.5
    2 Cladding Diameter μm 124.8±0.7
    3 Cladding Non-Circularity % ≤0.7
    4 Core-Cladding Concentricity Error μm ≤0.5
    5 Coating Diameter μm 245±5
    6 Coating Non-Circularity % ≤6.0
    7 Cladding-Coating Concentricity Error μm ≤12.0
    8 Cable Cutoff Wavelength nm λcc≤1260
    9 Attenuation(max.) 1310nm dB/km ≤0.36
    1550nm dB/km ≤0.22

    Cable Parameters

    Items Specifications
    Fiber No. 6
    Ripcord No. 2
    Loose Tube Dimension 2.0mm±0.1 mm
    Material PBT
    Tube No. 1
    Fibers per Tube 6
    FRP OD. 1.9mm *2
    No. 2
    Material PVC
    Outer Sheath OD. 7.0  ±0.1mm
    Material PE
    Color Black

    Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

    Items Unit Specifications
    Weight Kg/km 45 ±5kg/km
    Max. Tensile(Long Term) N 2500
    Max. Tensile(Short Term) N 4000
    Crush(Long Term) N/10cm 1500
    Crush(Short Term) N/10cm 3000
    Min. Bend Radius(Dynamic) mm 25D
    Min. Bend Radius(Static) mm 10D
    Installation Temperature -20~+60
    Operating Temperature -40~+70
    Storage Temperature -40~+70

    Installation on medium and long distance LAN backbones, where a compact and robust cable is required.

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