How to solve the communication conversion between single fiber and dual fiber

Single fiber and dual fiber cannot be directly mixed for communication. In some optical fiber cabling, some construction parties do not know how to choose a suitable optical cable, or they need to add optical fiber equipment of different wavelengths after the cabling is completed, but communication is not possible. So how should single fiber and dual fiber convert and communicate with each other? How to connect to each other and how to convert? These problems can be solved with Baudcom’s Dual Fiber to Single Fiber Converter.

Schematic diagram of the working principle of Dual Fiber to Single Fiber Converter:

Advantages of Dual Fiber to Single Fiber Converter:

  1. Using Dual Fiber to Single Fiber Converter can save half of the fiber, support dual fiber to single fiber bidirectional transmission, and solve the problem that single and dual fibers cannot communicate directly.
  2. Comply with any agreement between different rates.
  3. Fulfilling medium convert between single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber or extending fiber transmission distance, Supporting wavelength be 850nm,1310nm or 1550nm.
  4. Supporting medium convert between 100M fast speed Ethernet, 1000M Ethernet, 155M~1.25G ATM, SDH or extending transmission distance.
  5. The longest transmission distance of multi-mode is 2KM; The longest transmission distance of single-mode is 120KM.
  6. As optical receiving and sending model with good optical character, electrical character, date transmits steady, and it can work for long time.
  7. The transmission of optical mode 155M is above 30db and optical mode 1.25G is above 25db.


The current Internet has developed to the stage of optical fiber, and the role of optical fiber converters cannot be ignored. We can conclude that, as one of the network equipment, it plays a role of mutual conversion between fiber optic equipment and computers and other terminals. In the continuous development of optical fiber technology in the future, the application of this type of equipment will become more and more common.

Post time: 2021-02-01


Lomoveishiy – Finland

I needed those to connect my PC on the third floor to have internet access in that room, and ISP installed their modem on the first floor only. After dropping fiber patch cables, plugged in all cables into these media converters at both sides, and link came up instantly. Was much easier than I thought!

Raymond – USA

Great experience – units worked straight out of the box – just needed plug in cables and we were done. I also like the possibility to enable jumbo frames, while we do not have a need for this feature at the current moment it’s great to have this option.

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