WDM Passive FTTH Optical receiver single fiber

WDM Passive FTTH Optical receiver single fiber

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WDM Passive Optical receiver, single fiber, low noise, high RF signal output, no need power, cost-effective, ideal for FTTH application
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    WDM Passive optical receiver is a device that converts incoming optical signals into electrical signals. It consists of a photodetector, which absorbs the incoming photons and produces a corresponding electrical current. The passive receiver does not require the injection of external current or the excitation of external voltage. It can generate catv signal current and voltage output by the action of optical. So FTTH optical receiver do not need external power and its noise is low.
    The WDM passive optical receiver built-in filter which separate incoming optical signals based on different wavelengths. The 1550nm wavelength is for catv. The 1310/1490nm is separate for PON system. The optical receiver is suitable for FTTH and CATV application.
    The WDM optical receiver has cost-effective and no power supply advantages.

    WDM passive optical receiver

    assive-CATV Optical-Receiver

    Optical parameters:
    Input optical powerdBm-10~0
    Reflection lossdB>45
    Received light wavelengthnm1310~1550
    Input optical interfaceSC/APC-SC/PC
    Link performance::
    RF parameters:
    Frequency RangeMHz47~1000
    In-band flatnessdB1.5
    Passive optical receiver Output leveldBμV50(-10dBm test)
    60(-5dBm test)
    64(-3dBm test)
    70(0dBm test)
    RF output impedanceΩ75
    MerdB33(-10dBm test)
    dB37(-5dBm test)
    dB37(-3dBm test)
    dB36(0dBm test)
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