E1 to 4*10/100BaseT Ethernet converter with Local management

E1 to 4*10/100BaseT Ethernet converter with Local management

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E1 to 4*100BASE-TX ethernet Protocol converter,Ethernet bridge, which accomplishes the 4*100M Ethernet over E1 transmission.The four ethernet ports can be used as shared mode or isolasion mode,can configure TAG VLAN.
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    BD-FE1-4ETH-M E1 to 4*100BASE-TX ethernet Protocol converter is high performance Ethernet bridge, which accomplishes the 4*100M Ethernet over E1 transmission. As an extended device of the Ethernet, the E1 to 4*ethernet protocol converter realizes interconnection of four Ethernet by using the E1 channel provided by existing networks with low cost.

    10/100Base-T(RJ45) interfaces are provided at the end of Ethernet LAN to accomplish various functions including MAC address self-learning, address filtering, address table maintenance and flow control.

    The E1/4*10/100BASE-TX converter support GUI NMS through console port. User can easy set the four Ethernet as shared mode (intelligent L2 switch) or isolation mode(based on port and TAG vlan). In the VLAN mode,user can set the TAG VLAN on these 4 ethernet port, can set the special tag like Q-in-Q, can configurable data rate from 32K~100M on each ETH port, can do some Qos setting.

    The E1 to 4ethernet converter’s E1 interfaces comply with ITU-T G.703 and G.704 standards. The E1 interface support 120ohm (RJ45 connector) and 75ohm (BNC connector). The E1 ports support both framing and unframing architecture.The user can select an operating mode for the E1 interface according to the connected E1 environment. This provides flexibility of network application. In the framing mode, the E1 interface provides a rate of N*64Kbps(N=1~31). In the unframing mode, the E1 channel provides a rate of 2.048Mbps and accomplishes transparent transmission.

    FE1-4*100BASE-TX protocol converter is used in the framing mode, the transmission clock can be either provided internally, i.e. using the main clocking timing mode (INT), or extracted from the E1 channel, i.e. using slave clock timing mode.

    FE1-4*100BASE-TX protocol converter provides plenty of self-test functions, supporting local loop and remote loop. It also provides pseudo random code test function to test error codes in the circuit.

    • In accordance with the provisions of IEEE 802.3u、IEEE 802.1q、IEEE 802.3x、ITU-T G.703、G.704 and G.823 protocols.
    • E1 interface support framed and unframed mode;
    • E1 support balanced 120ohm(RJ45 conncetor) and unbalanced 75ohm (BNC connector).
    • The E1 interface uses PCM31 mode, supporting CRC check.
    • E1 interface main/slave clock optional in the framing mode.
    • Supporting 2.048Mbps transparent transmission in the E1 unframing mode.
    • The 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface supports 10/100M half/full duplex modes.
    • Ethernet port support isolation based on port and tag VLAN (16 VLAN).
    • The rate of each Ethernet port is measured by the configuration software, bandwidth particles for 32 k.
    • Each Ethernet port support broadcast storm protection, PAUSE flow control.
    • MAC address self-learning and address filtering functions, reducing the transmission load of the E1 circuit.
    • Built-in 64Mbits SDRAM Ethernet data buffer memory, improving the capability of Ethernet side anti-outburst, assuring high throughput of data transmission.
    • E1 circuit remote loop and local loop tests.
    • Perfect circuit test and alarm indication.
    • Support local console network, can be set up on the Ethernet port.

    Application1:Share Link mode:
    Each LAN can view and communicate with other LANS, for example LAN A1 can communicate with LAN A2 LAN A3 LAN A4 and LAN B1 LAN B2 LAN B3 LAN B41Application2: Isolation mode:
    LAN A1 can only communicate with LAN B1;The LAN A2 only can communicate with LAN B2;
    LAN A3 only can communicate with LAN B3; LAN A4 only can communicate with LAN B4;


    Application3: VLAN mode:
    The Ethernet port are configure different TAG,ethernet can only communicate with ports with the same VLAN TAG.


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    BD-FE1-4ETH-M/AC 4Ethernet over E1 convrter,4*10/100M Base-T ethernet,E1,75ohm(BNC connector) and 120ohm(RJ45 connector),console management,AC 220V power Request Price
    BD-FE1-4ETH-M/DC 4Ethernet over E1 convrter,4*10/100M Base-T ethernet,E1,75ohm(BNC connector) and 120ohm(RJ45 connector),console management,DC 48V power Request Price
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