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E1 V.35 Ethernet STM1 terminal multiplexer

E1 V.35 Ethernet STM1 terminal multiplexer

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Overview As a key member of Baudcom “MetroEdge-Express” SDH/MSPP Product family, BD-STM1-TM series t…
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    As a key member of Baudcom “MetroEdge-Express” SDH/MSPP Product family, BD-STM1-TM series terminal multiplexer delivers bonded E1 lines, Ethernet services and V.35 links over legacy SDH networks. Installed at the customer site or directly on STM-1 access ring,the STM-1 terminal multiplexer leverages the SDH infrastructure for LAN connectivity and Internet access, while providing leased line services to end users.

    The Ethernet frames are encapsulated in SDH frame by using GFP (Generic Frame Protocol) and transported through the SDH network in a VC-12 group, configuring the bandwidth of IP channel in increments of 2Mbps.The SDH STM-1 multiplexer introduces LCAS technology and VCAT technology to benefit the SDH network to better fit busty data traffic. Each Ethernet module groom up to two WANs, aggregating two direction Ethernet services into SDH networks. The PDH traffic and V.35 traffic are mapped into the SDH frame; enabling E1 and V.35 link to support cross connection, and can be terminated at any point on the network.

    The multi-service STM-1 terminal multiplexer provides Console interface for management. The EMS network management system supports remote configuration and monitoring, reducing operating expenses, eliminating technical visit and maximizing network performance and uptime.


    •   SDH Terminal Multiplexer with 155Mbps data rate
    •   Provide 1×STM-1 uplink interface with standard optical fiber
    •   Support point-to-point network topology or located at the edge of SDH network
    •   Offer various tributary interfaces: E1 interface, Ethernet interface and V.35 interface
    •    Provide 1×64K RS232 data channel and 1×Order Wire port
    •   Provide up to 16×E1 interface is compliant with ITU-T G.703 standard, unframed 2.048 Mbps data streams
    •   Provides 4×10/100BASE-TX Ethernet interface, all four LAN ports connected to a full-function internal Layer 2 Ethernet switch, supports 802.1q VLAN tag, 802.1p Class of Services function, and 802.3x-based traffic control function
    •  Support low-order virtual concatenation for transporting the LAN traffic over SDH, traffic from any LAN port can be mapped over a virtually concatenated group using up to 63 VC-12s
    •    Adopt VCAT, GFP encapsulation per ITU-T Rec. G.7041, and LCAS per ITU-T Rec. G.7042, with maximum bandwidth 100M
    •   Provide 2×V.35 interfaces, support all of clock mode both DTE or DCE
    •   Provides loop-back function to diagnose link status for each E1 channel and V.35 channel
    •   Inbuilt BER tester for E1 and V.35 links
    •    Compliant with ITU-T rec. for management interface
    •    Support local and remote firmware update and easy to maintain
    •     Compact structure with 1U×19inch
    •     Optional -48V DC or 220V AC power supply

    8E1 STM1 multiplexer back panel picture

    8E1 STM1 multiplexer back panel picture


     STM-1 Optical Interface

    • STM-1o (STM-1 optical) signal as per ITU-T G.957, G.958
    • Wave length:1310nm,1550nm,850nm
    • Transmission distance: up to 120km
    •          Connector: FC/SC/ST selectable
    • Line code: 1B1H
    • Data rate: 155520kbit/s
    • Optical fiber: single mode or multi-mode

     E1 Interface

    • Line Rate: 2048kbps ± 50ppm
    • Line Code: HDB3
    • Line Impedance: 75ohm unbalanced or 120ohm balanced optional
    • Electrical Characteristic: comply with ITU-T G.703 recommendation
    • Jitter Performance: comply with ITU-T G.823 recommendation
    • Line Attenuation: 0~6dB
    • Electrical Level: ±2.37V±10% or ±3.00V±10%
    • Connector: 75Ω unbalanced with BNC or 120Ω balanced with RJ45; DB37 male (for 8/16 line E1)

     10/100BASE-TX Ethernet Interface

    • Interface: 10/100BASE-TX
    • Interface protocol: compliant with IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.1q, IEEE 802.3x
    • Data rate: 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation or force mode
    • Duplex mode: full duplex, half duplex
    • Interface line sequence: MDI/MDI-X auto-sense
    • Connector: RJ45
    • Range 100 meters/328 feet on UTP category 5 or 6 cable

    V.35 Interface

    • Interface protocol: compliant with ITU-T V.35
    • Interface rate:        Framed N×64Kbit/s (N=1~31)

    Unframed 2048Kbit/s

    • No flow control, transparent transmission
    • Work mode: DCE or DTE selectable
    • Connector: DB25 female

     RS232 Serial Interface

    • Provide 1×RS232 asynchronous data interface
    • Baud rate: 57600bps
    • Connector: RJ45

     Management Interface

    • Console interface: RS232 serial port
    • Baud rate: 57600bps
    • Connector: RJ45

    155M STM-1 Terminal multiplexer multi-service application

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    BD-STM1-8E1 8E1 SDH terminal multiplexer, uplink STM-1 SC 20Km,power AC220V or DC48V Request Price
    BD-STM1-8E1/4FE 8E1 SDH terminal multiplexer,4*10/100M Ethernet, uplink STM-1 SC 20Km,power AC220V or DC48V Request Price
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