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  • Multi-Function Mini Pro OTDR Fiber Optic Tester 1550nm Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

    The mini pro otdr is compact and easy to carry. It adopts a 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen, supports multi-touch and smooth operation. Internal integration of OTDR, event map, optical power, red light, flashlight and other functions in one, to meet various test needs in different occasions. Among them, the mini optical time domain reflectometer functi…
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  • OTDR vs medidor de potencia óptica, ¿cuál debería elegir?

    OTDR vs Optic Power Meter, Which One Should You Choose?
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  • Probador de cables de fibra Mini PRO OTDR 26/24db

    The Mini OTDR adopts 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen. It integrates 12 functions, such as auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, RJ45 cable tracker, and “computer level” file management to meet various test requirements in different occasions. OTDR has a maximum dynamic range of 26dB, 8G memory, and can store more than 200,000 curves; it is equ…
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  • Detección óptica en línea de alto rendimiento PON OTDR 1310 1550 1625nm

    PON OTDR tester is easy to carry, high testing accuracy, simple to use, integrates 9 testing modules, OTDR/VFL/LS/OPM/Event Map/End Detection/Optical Loss Test/Ethernet test. support online FTTx/PON testing.
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  • ¿Qué es IOLM?

    What is IOLM? Intelligent Optical Link Mapping (iOLM) is a technology that automates the process of configuring the OTDR to capture and analyze all the information on a fibre regardless of its length and the number of connectors and splices on the span. How OTDR work? There are two tiers, or “levels”, available for certifying fibre optic cabling. The first c…
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  • Reflectómetro óptico en el dominio del tiempo serie 6000 OTDR

    Baudcom 6000 series OTDR can used to test single-mode wavelengths of 1310nm, 1550nm, 1490nm, 1625nm and 1650nm, multi-mode wavelengths of 850nm and 1300nm as well as customized special wavelengths. It provides multiple optional modules, such as single wavelength, multi-wavelength and online test. With the maximum dynamic range of up to 50dB, the device can b…
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