Conmutador Gigabit Ethernet de alta densidad serie S2400

High-Density Gigabit Ethernet Switch S2400 Series

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Enhanced gigabit Ethernet switch with 48 100M ports and 4 gigabit ports (1 console port, 48 10/100M TX ports, 2 10/100/1000M TX ports, 2 gigabit SFP ports, AC power source)
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    BAUDCOM BD-S2448C switch provides not only the hi-performance and multilayer communication solutions for enterprises but also the powerful support for ISPs to be upgraded to data networks. BD-S2448C switch provides hardware wire-speed switching and supply enterprise high-performance and multilayered solutions, so it is ideal for constructing the remote switch-platform of hi-speed enterprise networks. This switch series is suitable for ISPs, especially those large carriers, because these switches can improve their competition on the IP market.


    Características principales

    Excelente actuación

    n 36Gbps backplane bandwidth and 13.1Mpps packet forwarding rate

    n High port density and a maximum of 48 100M ports and 4 gigabit ports

    n Gigabit optical-fiber transmission with up to 80Km distance and directly connecting the MAN backbone network

    Alta seguridad y confiabilidad

    n Providing multiple user authentication modes such as 802.1x or HTTP authentication

    n Powerful ACL and hardware supporting L2 to L7 data filtration

    n QinQ

    n Special ARP invasion detection to effectively stop ARP cheat

    Flexible management mode

    n Automatically identifying the straight-through cable and the intercrossed cable

    n Adopting the cluster technology; supporting device stacking; managing uniquely through a unique IP address; saving address resources

    n Supporting multiple management modes such as Console port, Telnet, Web and SNMP

    n Supporting multiple general network management protocols like Broad Director, HP Open View and Cisco Works 2000

    Potente gestión de flujos y retransmisiones

    n Automatically detecting and controlling broadcast storms, monitoring IGMP packets and effectively preventing broadcast packet’s flooding

    n Supporting flow control in full-duplex mode or half-duplex mode

    n The rate limitation in a step of 64K is supported on the Ethernet interface.

    n Supporting IP multicast and QoS


    Índices técnicos

    Destello 8 MB
    Memoria 128MB, up to 512MB
    Puertos 48 10/100M TX2 10/100/1000M TX2 gigabit SFP slots
    Reenvío 13.1Mpps
    Switching Reenvío de tienda
    Plano posterior 17.6Gbps
    MAC table 8K
    VLAN 4K active VLANs
    Tamaño 442mm ×225 mm×44
    Fuente de alimentación 110-240VAC,  47-63Hz, 1A/230V
    Consumo Up to 60W
    Indicador Indicador de encendido, indicador del sistema, indicador de conexión/reenvío de datos, indicador 10/100M
    Medio ambiente Temperatura de trabajo: 0-50 ℃
    Temperatura de almacenamiento: -40-70 ℃
    Humedad: 0-90% sin condensación
    STP IEEE 802.1D  STPIEEE 802.1w  RSTPIEEE 802.1s   MSTP
    VLAN Port-based VLAN802.1Q VLANPrivate VLAN


    qin q

    VLAN flat

    Flow  control Backpressure is adopted for half-duplex, while IEEE802.3x is adopted for full-duplex.Supporting CAR with a 64K step
    control de tormentas La tormenta de transmisión está restringida. Cuando se alcanza el valor de umbral para controlar la tormenta de difusión, se detiene el reenvío de los paquetes de difusión.
    Multidifusión IGMP Snooping v1/2/3
    Agregación Each port binding group contains up to 8 ports, and 32 port binding groups are supported meanwhile.Dynamic LACP or static aggregation is supported.
    Mirroring Flow-based or port-based mirroring
    Stacking Adopting the cluster technology; managing uniquely through a unique IP address; saving address resources
    Características de seguridad IEEE 802.1x port authenticationPort securityIP ACL, MAC ACL and VLAN ACL

    port/IP/MAC binding

    DHCP snooping

    DAI and static/dynamic ARP prevention


    Hierarchical user management and password

    QoS Head Of Line (HOL)4 queues and 8 priority values of 802.1p.WRED, WFQ, SP and FIFO

    Best-effort service

    Differentiated service

    Strict priority

    Weighted round robin

    First come first served

    TOS re-labeling


    Gestión SNMP v1/v2RMON (groups 1, 2, 3, 9)Telnet






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    BD-S2448C Enhanced gigabit Ethernet switch with 48 100M ports and 4 gigabit ports (1 console port, 48 10/100M TX ports, 2 10/100/1000M TX ports, 2 gigabit SFP ports, AC power source) Solicitud de precio
    BDTR-GB-P3RC Solo 1000 Mbps, interfaz SERDES, SFP de cobre con pestillo de resorte Solicitud de precio
    BDTRP413L1SN-20 1.25G SFP Transceiver,dual fiber,20km,wavelength 1310nm Solicitud de precio
    BDTRP413L1SN-80 1.25G SFP Module,dual fiber,80km,wavelength 1550nm Solicitud de precio
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