Huawei GPON ONT HG8012H

Huawei GPON ONT HG8012H

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Huawei GPON ONT EchoLife HG8012H has one RF port and one GE port, and has high-performance of CATV, data, and HD video services. It uses GPON technology to provide ultra-broadband access.
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    Huawei GPON ONT EchoLife HG8012H is a bridging-type ONT that is part of Huawei’s FTTH solution. It uses GPON technology to provide ultra-broadband access. It has one RF port and one GE port. The high-performance forwarding ability ensures the quality of HD video services, data, and CATV, as well as providing users with service support abilities for the future and suitable terminal solutions.


    • GPON class B+ port;
    • Wavelength: 1310 nm upstream, 1490 nm downstream;
    • CATV port (54 – 870 MHz);
    • Gigabit Ethernet port;
    • Ability to manage from the OLT level;
    • Advanced QoS function;
    • IPv6.
    نام تجاری هواوی
    مدل HG8012H
    بنادر 1GE + 1CATV
    منبع تغذیه 11–14 V DC, 1 A
    ورودی آداپتور برق 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 mm x 134 mm x 30 mm
    دمای کارکرد 0 درجه سانتیگراد تا +40 درجه سانتیگراد
    رطوبت عملیاتی 5٪ RH تا 95٪ RH (غیر متراکم)
    مصرف برق استاتیک 3 W
    حداکثر مصرف برق 6 W


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    Huawei EchoLife HG8012H one RF port and one GE port درخواست قیمت
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