FC SC Fiber Fast Connector

FC SC Fiber Fast Connector

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Quick Assembly FC SC connector can provide quick and easy terminations of fibers in the field, and options are available for 900 micron and 250 micron.
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    Quick Assembly FC SC Fiber Fast Connector can be used to terminate fibers quickly and easily in the field, with options for 900 micron and 250 micron fibers. It enables the installer to terminate and connect fiber patch panels and equipment in minutes. This connector system has a high grade of installation, a high success rate, and a high level of reliability.


    1) No special tools needed when installed
    2) Withoutany gluingand polishing process
    3) Can be made on-site without splicing connectors.
    4)Only 60seconds needed to learn the process ofinstallation
    5) Good high temperature performance and good sealing
    6) Easyinstallation, quick and fast intheassembly field
    7) High return loss and low insertion loss Repeat operation times up to 10
    8) Warranty: One year
    9) Good durability
    10) Can be installed in two minutes
    11) Can be installed and maked repeatedly,reusable and repeat operation times up to 10
    12) High success rate
    13) High installation
    14) High reliability


    04 Type SC/UPC Fast Connector                 04 Type SC/APC Fast Connector


    01 Type SC/UPC Fast Connector                 01 Type SC/APC Fast Connector


    Fast Connector Technical Parameters

    Item Technical Parameters
    Application scope 3.1*2.0mm butterfly optical cable
    Fiber diameter 125μm ( 657A & 657B )
    Tight cladding diameter 250μm&900μm
    Application mode Single mode
    Operation time About 15s(exclude fiber cut)
    Average Insertion loss ≤ 0.3dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
    Max Insertion loss ≤ 0.5dB(1310nm & 1550nm)



    Fast Connector Applications

    • Modification of Optical Fiber Room
    • Distribution Frames&Patch Panels
    • Fiber Optic Patch Cord & Pigtail
    • TelecommunicationNetworks
    • Data ProcessingNetworks
    • FTTH (FiberTo The Home)

    Order information
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    FC-SC-U-04 SC/UPC fast connector Request Price
    FC-SC-A-04 SC/APC fast connector Request Price
    FC-SC-U-01 SC/UPC fast connector Request Price
    FC-SC-A-01 SC/APC fast connector Request Price

    Question: Please clarify these doubts: Are SC / APC and SC / UPC fast connectors for round and flat fiber optics? Are they disposable or can they be reused? 
    Answer: The fast connectors are used for flat fiber optic cable.  The connectors can be reused repeatly.

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      Muy buenos y confiables. Se construyen muy rápido y son muy efectivos. Excelente producto con calidad y entregado antes de tiempo.

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      Conectores de fácil uso, trabajan bien aún con cortador de lapicero, sólo hay que medir bien con las indicaciones que dicen y quedan perfectos.

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