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Fiber Media Converter

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  • Gigabit POE PD Fiber Media Converter 10/100/1000Base-T to 1000Base-X Ethernet

    PD fiber media converter converts 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet to 1000Base-X optical ethernet, extending ethernet transmission distance, powered through Power over Ethernet PoE switch or injector, no need external power supply.
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  • 10G Fiber Optic Media Converter Rack Mount Chassis 12 slot 1U Double power

    Baudcom provides Mini 10/100Base Fast Ethernet / 1000Base Gigabit Fiber Media Converter and SFP Fiber Media Converter, as well as 1U height 12 slots media converter rack mount chassis specially designed for accommodating chassis-based Mini Media Converters.  The Mini Media converter is designed for Space Saving and powered by a single internal universal powe…
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  • 10/100M 2-Port Base-T to 100 Base-X Managed Media Converter

    General Information 10/100M  manageable fiber media converters offer a high price/performance ratio; cover all functions of non-manageable fiber media converter including variety of data rate, SM/MM, single fiber and double fiber etc. with simple set-up and complete function management interface, it supports protocols like SNMP,WEB,TELNET and CONSOLE, and re…
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  • Gigabit Media Converter

    Product function: transmitting 1000M Ethernet electrical signal through fiber Product characteristic: ●   international standard: IEEE802.3z, 1000Base-SX/LX,IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T; ●   Ethernet 1000M auto-negociation; ●   Interface:  1000Base-T:  RJ45 ●   1000Base-SX/LX:  SC/FC1000Base-T: ●   EIA/TIA-568 Cat5, 100 meters; ●   1000Base-LX:  62.5/125um multi-m…
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  • Dual Fiber to Single Fiber Converter

    Dual fiber to single fiber converter is used to convert optical signals between dual fiber and single fiber systems in fiber optic network. The distance is up to 120KM, the rate support 100Mbps and 2.5Gbps.
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  • SFP Fiber mode converter

    Functions The single mode to multimode SFP fiber mode converter is the ability to convert any signaling rate, from 155Mbps to 1.25Gbps, being an Universal Fiber Converter – ideal for any communication standard like: Fast and Giga Ethernet, STM-1 and STM-4, OC-1, OC-3, OC-12 and OC-24, FDDI or Fibre Channel. The fiber mode converter is to fulfill optica…
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  • Multimode to Single Mode Fiber converter support Multirate from 100M to 2.5G

    Multimode to single mode fiber converter converts optical signal from multimode to single mode, extending fiber transmission distance. Multirate 100M, 1.25G, 2.5Gbps
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  • Media converters,4.25G,10G OEO converters Multi-services unified platform

    Overview: 16-slot multi-service management system is a Ethernet and SDH transmission equipment with high price/performance ratio, and it can support 10/100M Ethernet fiber media converter, 10/100/1000M Ethernet fiber media converter, 1 fiber + 2 RJ45 Ethernet fiber media converter, 10G Ethernet fiber media converter, 125M~4.25G OEO, and 10G OEO at the same t…
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  • 10G Ethernet Fiber Media Converter

    Description: Baudcom provides 10Gbps Ethernet media converter between SFP+ to UTP,and XFP to UTP.No matter what kind of media applied for 10Gbps Ethernet,it used to be the fiber as the media for transmission.10G Ethernet standalone and module cards, brings you the best and simple solution for the Ethernet conversion between media of copper wire and fiber, wi…
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  • 10G Fiber Converter (3R Repeater)

    Description: The 10G Fiber Converter is protocol-independent with dual XFP or SFP+ ports, the 10G  fiber converter can provide conversion between different wavelengths or single-mode and multi-mode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multi-mode to single-strand single-mode fiber. The device can be used as 10G fiber mode mode or fiber repeater to exten…
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  • 1.25G 1-Port SFP to 2-Port SFP Slot Media Converter

    MAIN APPLICATIONS  Ø  This equipment is an optical transmission equipment for P2P mode, This is 1.25 Gb/s optical transmission equipment ,can realize the optical line 1 + 1 redundancy protection in point-to-point mode, it can provide Optical Port automatic protection switching. To realized 1* 1.25G  or  1*155M  SFP data  to 2 Port 1.25 Gb/s optical Port for …
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  • 2×1.25G to 2.5G Aggregator

    1、Overview Dual Gigabit Ethernet Aggregator mapping 2 port Gigabit Ethernet into 1 port 2.5G uplink, reducing the conversion CAPEX and increasing the fiber utilization effectively. Aggregator can be used in point-to-point topology as a media converter for transmitting two Gigabit Ethernet services over one pair fiber. It also can be used as wavelength conver…
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  • SFP+ to SFP+ or XFP Mini 10G Fiber Repeater Media Converter

    SFP+ to SFP+ Media Converter, fiber repeater, extend 10G fiber network transmission distance, support 10G multi-protocols
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  • Managed Four Slots Chassis Media Converter

    Overview: BD04 is the four slot rack chassis media converter and  can be inserted in 4 media converter cards. The rack chassis media converter provide SNMP network management function and full alarms display. The fiber media convert is a practical network solution which realize 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX fiber converter. The fiber media converter can extend…
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  • Managed Chassis Media Converter

    Product function: Suports all kinds converter card Features:   ●   standard 19″ rack mount ●   It could realize media converter SNMP management. This is media converter module model name as BD03-card and SNMP module as BD03-card-NM ●   can insert 16 function BD03-card , 1 SNMP module and 2 slots at back panel, support free combination of AC+DC red…
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  • Unmanaged 16 Slots Rack Media Converter

    Model name: BD02 Product function: transmit10/100Base-T Ethernet electrical signal through fiber, realize TX/FX converter Features : ●   The configuration of active/standby power supply ensures uninterruptible operation of the system. ●   Provide two power supplies (AC 220V, and DC -48V), enabling the system can work under many operating environments; ●   Su…
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  • Unmanaged Chassis Media Converter

    Model name: BD01 Product function: transmit10/100Base-T Ethernet electrical signal through fiber, realize TX/FX converter Features : ●    The configuration of active/standby power supply ensures uninterruptible operation of the system. ●    Provide two power supplies (AC 220V, and DC -48V), enabling the system can work under many operating environments; ●   …
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  • Unmanaged Gigabit Media Converter 17Slots Rack Chassis

    Product function:        Transmit10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet electrical signal through fiber, realize TX/FX converter. BD05 is a kind of  media converter rack (2U) widely used in the equipment room. Different types of  media converter cards developed by our company can be inserted into this rack, which total slots up to 17. It is furnished with two power supp…
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  • 1000M Standalone Managed Media Converter with SFP slot(BD-1000M-OAM-SFP)

    Overview: 10/100M、10/100/1000M IEEE802.3ah OAM manageable ethernet fiber media converter can supervise the real time situation of remote manageable fiber media converter and set the functions. With this system, the response speed of the operator is quickened, the daily maintenance and network expenditure of the operators are reduced, and the serving quality …
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  • 5*10/100/1000M POE(PSE) Fiber Ethernet Switch

    Overview BD-1000M-4TX-POE series is a 5 port (1FX+4TP) 10/100/1000M PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch. The optical fiber port can greatly extend the transmission distance limitation of normal CAT5e UTP cable. All the four 10/100/1000Mbps UTP RJ-45 ports supports full duplex 10/100/1000M connectivity (half duplex only supported in 10/100M mode). Complied with IEEE802…
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