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Fiber Optic Inspection Probe

Fiber Optic Inspection Probe

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Fiber Inspection Probe, also known as a fiber inspection microscope, is used to inspect and assess t…
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    Fiber Inspection Probe, also known as a fiber inspection microscope, is used to inspect and assess the quality of optical fiber connectors and terminations. It is an essential instrument for technicians and engineers working with fiber optic cables to ensure that connections are clean, free of defects, and properly aligned.
    BD-FM-4 Fiber probe features with USB function to connect the laptop or PC directly, which includes image sensor inside the probe to have real-time inspection, no need for any additional power cord and driver.
    Fiber Microscope Probe can also be equipped with EFD3.3.0 Data Software to have end face verified based on different IEC/IPC internal criteria or customize. All spots, scratches, defects, etc. around end face can be easily figured out, measured and counted with pdf or excel report file generated. It’s most applied in fiber operator and research institution.

    Fiber Inspection Probe Features:

    1. Zoomable lens
    2. High alignment accuracy
    3. 400X magnification
    4. Print report
    5. Adapters for different kinds of terminal
    6. Lower failure rate


    Items Value
    Magnification 400X
    Resolution 1.0μm
    Field of View 0.40*0.31mm
    Working/Storage Temperature -18℃-35℃
    Dimension 235*95*30mm
    Sensor 1/3 decimetre, 2 million pixels
    Weight 0.15kg
    USB Interface 1.1/2.0

    Fiber optic inspection probe Standard Accessories:

    Name Quantity
    BD-FM-4 Fiber Microscope Probe 1pc
    Adapter SC-PC-F (for SC/PC adaptor) 1pc
    Adapter FC-PC-F (for FC/PC adaptor) 1pc
    Adapter LC-PC-F (for LC/PC adaptor) 1pc
    Adapter 2.5mm-Male (for 2.5mm connector, SC/PC, FC/PC, ST/PC) 1pc

    Optional Accessories:

    Name Quantity
    ST-PC-F (For ST/PC adaptor) 1pc
    MU-PC-F (For MU/PC adaptor) 1pc
    E2000-F-PC (For E2000/PC adaptor) 1pc
    MTRJ-PC-F (For MTRJ/PC adaptor) 1pc
    1.25PC-M (For 1.25mm connectors, LC/PC, MU/PC) 1pc
    SMA-M (For SMA/PC connector) 1pc
    FC-F-APC (For FC/APC adaptor) 1pc
    SC-F-APC (For SC/APC adaptor) 1pc
    LC-APC-F ((For LC/APC adaptor) 1pc
    E2000-APC-F ((For E2000/APC adaptor) 1pc
    2.5M-APC (For 2.5mm connectors, SC/APC, FC/APC, ST/APC) 1pc
    MPO-PC-F (For MPO/PC adaptor);
    MPO-APC-F (For MPO/APC adaptor)
    Tip60 (60 degree base for special tips) 1pc
    FC-PC-60F (For FC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
    SC-PC-60F (For SC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
    LC-PC-60F (For LC/PC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
    LC-APC-60F (For LC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
    SC-APC-60F (For SC/APC adaptor at 60 degree testing) 1pc
    1.25APC-M ( (For 1.25mm connectors, LC/APC, MU/APC at 60 degree testing) 1pc
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