Câble à fibre optique de conduit

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  • FTTH pour câble optique de conduit souterrain

    underground Duct Optical Cable structure diagram Black PE jacket   Strength Member   Water-blocking Tape&Antirroe dores Strength Member Fiber LSZH Cable Specification Cable Cores Fiber 1 2 4       FTTH Fiber Type                             G.657A1/G65A2   Strength Member Material FRP Diameter 0.5mm*2   Jacket Material Black  LSZH Diameter 2.0*3.0mm Antirroe dores Material Glass yarn Strength Member Material 2*FRP Cable Diameter mm 6.5±0.5   Out jacket Merial MDPE Color Black Nominal Cable Weight Kg/km 33     Drum Size m/Drum 2000 Kg/Drum 113 mm L*W*H=680*740*680 Tension(Long-term/ Short-term) N 300/600 Crushing (Long-term/ Short-term) N/100mm2 300/1000 Min. Bending Radius(Dynamic/ Static) 40/20 Cable OD Temperature(Installation/Operating) ℃ -20~+60/-40~+70…
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  • Câble à fibre optique GCYFTY 12 à 96 conducteurs Microduct

    Microduct Fiber Optic Cable Features Structure:  Cable Marking Unless otherwise required the sheath will be marked at intervals of 1m, containing: (a) Indication in meters (b) Quantity and type of fibers (c) Factory name (d) Date of manufacturing (year) (e) Other requirements The marks will be permanent and legible for the duration of the cable life. Packaging & Delivery All cables will be delivered on drums with protection of both ends of the cable. Each drum will have a waterproof mark according to requirements. Normal cable length: 3-4 km, or as per the customer’s requirements.
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  • Câble fibre GYTA blindé

    GYTA is loose tube stranded armored fiber optic cable, it is one type of outdoor fiber optic cable. GYTA fiber cable can be used for duct (pipe) or aerial application (overhead).
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