Handheld OTDR Fiber Tester

Handheld OTDR Fiber Tester

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Product Advantage 1310 nm / 1550 nm wavelength, three kinds of dynamic range is optional ; The maxim…
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    Product Advantage

    • 1310 nm / 1550 nm wavelength, three kinds of dynamic range is optional ; The maximum dynamic range can be up to 32 db / 30 db
    • Optimization model test:In view of the network construction provided ——–   high speed test mode In view of the network maintenance———   accurate test mode
    • Advanced user friendly:The intelligent one-key operation to start measurement
    • Continue working time for more than 10 hours, especially fit for the long time field application
    • Light: 0.9 Kg
    • Handheld portable type, convenient, favorable cost and performance ratio

    Technical advantage :

    ●    Signal-to-noise ratio: 2.5 million programmable logic gate is used to collect data on average, improve the testing accuracy and testing speed

    ●    Collect data to improve: it adopts advanced technology with the international synchronization of 40 MHZ high-speed sampling technology

    ●     Wde temperature working status: it can within the scope of  10 to 45 to normal test.

       ●       Advanced laser and APD (light detector) hardware and software protection

        ●     Large capacity storage (maximum storage 1000 results)

    Unique advantages

    The real-time measurement both convenient and practical

    GK Series OTDR products provide the real-time measuring models, fit for  massive optical fiber scanning test to get high efficiency.

    Intelligent Trace Scaning

    The built-in intelligent trace scaning modules can both quickly and precisely analyse the trace, listing out the necessary information in event table

    including event location,fault location with friendly user interface, ,which is understandable to line maintainers especially ones without professional

    educational background. If cusomers are not content with the event table , they can set the analysis parameters and reanalyze the


    Online Work Light detection Functions

          The communication work light signal in the tested optical fiber not only affects the OTDR testing quality but also imposes unrecoverable

    damagesto APD in the equipment.FT-100 series OTDR products can automatically test and indicate the communication work light signal in the

    fiber and provide the instant and prompt protection to the equipment as soon as possible.

    The friendly User Interface

    The friendly user interface shows details of the event list in a clear and big screen. Coordinated with the distinctive designed keyboardoperation,

    displaying of  event trace  in a clear and brief wayfor trace zooming in or zooming out。


    The Convenient VLS Function

    The VLS function help to quickly find out the breakpoint or big insertion loss point of near end of fiber, so that user can take actions as soon as possible to save the time.

    ü The powerful OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) File Tool software function: trace management, trace print and trace browse.

    The OTDR File Tool software based on windows system is specially designed for off-line data process.

    u   The powerful batch processing function

    The Trace batch processing function realease user from mass repeated trace management works.

    u   Event table mainteance

    Add,delete or modify any event of event table manually leading to perfect optical cable report.



    Modules BD800-A BD800-B BD800-C
    Center wavelength(±20nm) 1310/1550nm 1310/1550nm 1310/1550nm
    Dynamic Range③(dB) 24/22 28/26 32/30
    Pulse width 10ns、20ns、50ns、100ns、 300ns、1.0ms、 2.5ms、10ms、 20ms
    Event Dead Zone④(m) 2
    Attenuation dead zone(m)⑤ 10
    Distance Range(Km) 0.5~80 0.5~100 0.5~120
    Distance Measurement Accuracy⑥ ±(1m + sample space + measurement distance×0.005%)
    Linearity ±0.05dB/ dB
    OTDR Other Specifications VFL*
    Memory capacity 1000 Center wavelength 650nm±20
    Fiber Type SMF Out power <1dBm
    Display 3.5 inch LCD Interface FC/UPC
    Optical connector FC(universal connector)
    Battery NimH Smart Charge Battery
    Continuous working time * >10小时(From Bellcore TR-NWT-001138)
    Dimensions 230mm×120mm×60mm
    Weight 0.9Kg

    index. Note:

    ①Unless otherwise specified, all specifications for the 23 ° C ± 2 ° C (73.4 ° F ± 3.6 ° F) temperature range, with FC / PC connectors are valid.

    ②General Configuration. ③SNR = 20us pulse and three minutes of a typical dynamic range of the average. ④With 10ns pulse, single-mode reflection rate of less than -50 dB typical dead zone.

    ⑤With 30ns pulse, single-mode reflection rate of less than -50 dB typical dead zone。⑥Does not include uncertainty due to fiber IOR.

    •   The installation and maintenance for AN(access network) optical cables
    •   The installation and maintenance for LAN(local area networks)
    •   The installation and maintenance for FTTX
    •   The installation and maintenance for cable TV networks
    •   The installation and maintenance for APON(optical networks)
    •   The installation and maint-enance for private optical fiber networks
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    Main frame:BD -800 Main frame:BD -800 Standard accessories: Name NO. AC/DC adapter 1 Calibration certification 1 User manual(CD) 1 Trace Viewer software(CD) 1 Instrument package (With strap) 1 Optical connector 2 USB Data Cable 1 OTDR modules specifications: Ordering number Center wavelength Fiber Type Dynamic Range BD-800A (1310nm/1550nm)±20nm SMF 24/22dB BD-800B (1310nm/1550nm)±20nm SMF 28/26dB BD-800C (1310nm/1550nm)±20nm SMF 32/30dB Request Price
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