High Precision Fiber Cleaver


The BAUDCOM High Precision Fiber Cleaver BC-6S is designed for field use, especially for FTTH. By using a rotating blade for multiple scoring positions enables a blade life of 36, 000 cleaves with a cleave angle better than 0.5 degrees. The unit is constructed to be robust and field serviceable and has options such as tripod mount to enable secure platform mounting. The BC-6S is integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.


◆  Durable design

◆  Used for single fiber cleaving

◆  Can be operated with minimal steps

◆  High precision & high cutting quality

◆  Prevents double scoring of the fibers

◆  Has superior blade height and rotational adjustment

◆  Utilizes an automatic anvil drop for fewer required steps and better cleave consistency


Fiber Type single fiber
Cladding Diameter 125um
Coating Diameter 250~900um
Typical Cleave Angle <0.5°
Cleave Length 9mm~16mm (0.25mm coating);
10mm~16mm (0.9mm coating)
Blade Lifetime 36,000 fiber cleaves
Dimension 63mm(W)×76mm(D)×63mm(H)
Weight 430g


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