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IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter

IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter

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The IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter converts the fiber optic interface in the substation to the E1 communication link. Point to point application.
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    The IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter converts IEEE C37.94 data to E1 data, which support point to point application. The C37.94 fiber optic interface complies with the IEEE C37.94-2002 standard, and is a fiber optic interface between2048K remote protection multiplexing equipment, achieving interface conversion from the fiber optic interface in the substation to the E1 communication link, and can be transmitted through E1 transmission equipment such as PDH, SDH, G.SHDSL, etc;


    • Integrated circuits based on independent copyright
    • Implement interface conversion of one IEEE C37.94 to E1 and transmit it through E1 transmission devices such as PDH, SDH, G.SHDSL, etc;
    • The E1 interface supports both adaptive 120 Ω/balanced and 75 Ω/unbalanced impedances, without the need for further settings;
    • After strict system testing and practical verification, C37.94 to E1 converter fully complies with the ITU-T G.703 and G.704 IEEE C37.94 protocols.
    • AC 220V, DC-48V, DC+24V, DC power supply, and DC-48V/DC24V power supply have polarity automatic detection function, which can be backed up by dual power supplies;

      E1 converter  Overall chassis appearance

      IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter


    E1 Interface:

    Number of Interfaces 1 port
    Line Rate 2048K
    Line Code HDB3
    Electrical ITU-T G.703
    Jitter G.823
    Impedance 75hom/120 Ohms
    Connectors BNC(75ohm) or RJ45(120ohm)

    Optical  Interface:

    Standard Agreement IEEE C37.94
    Optical interface SC/FC/ST
    Wavelength 1310nm/1550nm for single-mode optic interface for option

    850nm/1310nm for multi-mode optic interface for option

    Sending consumption: -9dBm (regular order)
    Receiving and dispatching module: >-36dBm(regular order)
    Optical receiver receiving sensitivity: <-36 (BER<10):
    Optical code: NRZ
    Transmit distance MM 2Km/5Km,SM 20Km/40Km/60 Km/120Km for option

    Mechanical Specifications:

    Dimension                  Desktop type : 210mm(L)*140mm(D)*30mm(H)

    IEEE C37.94 to E1 converter Power Supply:

    Input AC/DC voltage -48V DC ( nominal ) / AC also available
    Range of input -36V to -72V DC /90V~260VAC
    Temperature 0  centi degree to 55 centi degree
    Humidity 95% RH (non-condensing)
    Cooling Convection Cooling

    Ieee c37.94 to E1 converter application

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