Multi-Service Platform EDFA 1U 4slots management

Multi-Service Platform EDFA 1U 4slots management

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1     Overview 1.1         Product Description Integrated Service Access Platform (ISAP) is a 1RU wi…
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    1     Overview

    1.1         Product Description

    Integrated Service Access Platform (ISAP) is a 1RU wide band optoelectronic transmission platform with strong versatility, high installation density, powerful, flexible combination, diverse communication management modes, business service cards including amplification, monitor, switching and fan cards and pluggable power supply card (-48VDC). ISAP can be used in many application scenarios in which end users can select different options to combine the following service cards according to the fiber network design requirements:

    EDFA                   Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers Series Card

    WSS                     WSS Series Card

    OCM                     Optical Channel Monitoring Series Card

    OPS                         Optical Protect Switch Series Card

    OTDR                Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Series Card

    MUX/DMUX       MUX/DMUX Series Card

    TDCM           Tunable Dispersion Compensator Module

    SOA             SOA Series Card

    2    Environmental Requirements

    Table 2‑1  Environmental Parameters

    Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit
    Operation Temperature -40 —— +85
    Storage Temperature -40 —— +85
    Operation Humidity 5 —— 95 %
    Storage Humidity 5 —— 95 %

    3    1RU ISAP Frame Performance

    Figure 3‑1  1RU ISAP Overview

    Table 3‑1  Performance

    No. Parameter   Description
    1 1RU Frame Supports 3 service slots, 2 power slots, 1 management slot, and 1 fan slot. All are front panel operations and are hot swappable.

    Size is 482*240*44mm

    2 Power Supply Module PWR Support dual power -48VDC, range -36~-72VDC
    3. Fan Card Module FAN Intelligent temperature control system, the direction of the wind is right to left
    4 System Control Module NMU One RJ45 network adapter and one USB B type female connector, where RJ45 is the network management interface and USB Type B female is the local interface

    3.1        Slot Design

    Table 3‑2  Slot Design


    (SLOT 40)

    Slot 2 Slot 1
    PWR(36) PWR(37) NMC(32) Slot 0

    3.2      1RU ISAP Electrical Performance

    Table 3‑3  Electrical Performance

    General Electrical Characteristics
    Power Supply Dual -48V DC
    Interface Support RS232, Ethernet
    Ethernet Data Rate 10/100 Mb/s
    Alarms Port/Display RJ45 Output/LEDs
    Power Consumption ≤50W

    3.3         1RU ISAP Configuration and Management

    Table 3‑4  Configuration and Management

    Item Remark
    Configuration SNMPV2C, V3 interface, web interface, CLI/SSH
    Management By SNMP V2C, V3 and web interface
    Managed Information Device Temp, Power supply, Fan, slot information and card performance.

    Set alarm threshold

    4   NMU Card Performance

    Management card support SNMPV1, V2C,V3 protocol, Web(https), CLI/SSH, and it also supports online upgrade and version rollback when upgrade fails in SFTP.

    All the customized setting will be managed and storage by EEPROM to make sure the hardware and software reset will not influence the customized setting of each service card.

    4.1         Software Management

    4.1.1                External Control Interface and Networking Support

    SNMPV1, V2C, V3 WebGUI and CLI interfaces can be supported. SFTP client can be supported.

    4.1.2                Internal Interfaces

    Debug/console CLI access can be supported via serial port.

    4.1.3               Security

    Local user authentication (username, password) is supported. Admin, Configurator, Observer and Superuser account types can be supported. SNMPv1, SNMPv2c,V3 can be supported.

    4.1.4             General Functionality

    SW upgrade process includes downloading appropriate FW versions to the NE.

    Database management can be supported, including upload/download database file from remote SFTP server and recovery from factory default database.

    Power/ cold/ warm reset can be supported.

    Retrieval of SW/FW variant and inventory information on each of the pluggable/replaceable modules can be provided.

    NE will collect alarm/event log and make it retrievable via UIs

    4.1.5              General HW Management

    Each module’s status (presence for pluggable, alarm for all) can be retrievable.

    LED management can be supported.


    4.1.6               Optical Control & Monitoring

    The provisioning and monitoring of the optical components can be supported.

    Major optical parameters can be retrievable.


    4.1.7               Management Protocol and Functions

    Management protocols of SNMP provided. All the following functions of subsystem can be accessed and controlled by the local or remote network management interfaces.

    1. EDFA1/2 Read/Config:

    Input/output Power


    Components information

    Working Mode (AGC, APC)


    5.     Fan Card Performance

    With intelligent temperature control system, the fan will be turned on when device temperature is higher than 35 degrees and will be turned off when device temperature is lower than 30 degrees. Fan speed will be auto-adjusted according to the temperature of the device, which means the fan speed increases as the temperature increases.

    6.     PWR Card Performance

    Power supply module has following features:

    1. -48VDC power supply and 1+1 protection with preliminary filtering.
    2. Dual power supply redundancy backup.
    3. In-position monitoring.
    4. Power-on detection and alarm report.
    5. Overvoltage protection.
    6. Hot-swappable.



    7.    Mechanical Performance

    7.1   1RU Chassis Mechanical Dimension

    Table 7‑1  1RU Device Mechanical Description

    No. Parameter Performance Unit Note
    1 Dimension 482 x 240x 44 mm
    2 Weight 8 kg Base on the service card loaded

    Figure 7‑1  Platform Structure Diagram

    1     Order Information


    Model Application Power Remark
    ISAP 3 service slot   AC: dual 110~220VAC

    DC: dual -48VDC


    8.   Order Information


    Model Application Power Remark
    ISAP 3 service slot   AC: dual 110~220VAC

    DC: dual -48VDC




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