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EPON GPON ONU Stick SFP Module with MAC inside

EPON GPON ONU Stick SFP Module with MAC inside

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Gpon ONU stick SFP module can be compatible with Baudcom, Huawei OLT, ZTE OLT and other brand OLT.
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    GPON Stick ONU SFP Features

    • Single fiber bi-directional data links asymmetric TX 1244Mbps/RX 2488Mbps GPON ONU application with GPON MAC function.
    • SC/UPC receptacle SFP with GPON ONU MAC inside,“Plug-and-play” via auto-discovery and configuration
    • 1310nm DFB burst mode transmitter, 1490nm APD-TIA continuous mode receiver
    • 0 to 70°C operating case temperature for BD-1234-SPM, C-Temp
    • -40 to 85°C operating case temperature for BD-1234-SPM, I-Temp
    • Single 3.3V power supply
    • Digital diagnostic monitor interface compatible with SFF-8472
    • SFP MSA compliance
    • Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
    • Class I laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
    • RoHS-6 compliance

    Gpon onu stick SFP module application diagram


    • Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
    • BD-1234-SPMis an MSA-compliant SFP that incorporates not just the optics for an ONU, but all of the electronics need as well. It is a “PON on a Stick” that an entire FTTH ONU in a slightly oversized SFP. It can be plugged into netw orking equipment. Allow ing the data interfaces on a sw itch, router, PBX, etc. to be customized for different fiber environments and distance requirements
    • The BD-1234-SPMis designed as dual-mode ONU stick, it also supports the EPON ONU OAM. It can be applied both on EPON system and on the GPON system .It w ill automatically establish an EPON link w ith the EPON OLT or GPON link w ith the GPON OLT.


    • Complies w ith SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) SFF-8074i
    • Complies w ith ITUT-T G.984.2, G.984.2 Amendment 1
    • Complies w ith ITUT G.988 ONU management and control interface (OMCI) specification
    • Complies w ith SFF 8472 V9.5
    • Complies w ith FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Class B
    • Complies w ith FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.1

    GPON ONU stick Tranmitter Optical Characteristics

    Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Note
    Optical Center Wavelength λc 1290 1310 1330 nm
    Spectral Width (-20dB) ∆λ 1 nm
    Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 30 dB
    Average Launch Optical Power AOP 0.5 5 dBm Launched into SMF Fiber
    Burst off Average Output Power -45 dBm
    Extinction Ratio ER 10 dB
    Rise/Fall Time (20%-80%) TR/TF 0.26 ns Unfiltered PRBS 223 – [email protected] Mbps
    RIN15OMA -115 dB/Hz
    Optical Return Loss Tolerance -15 dB
    Transmitter Reflectance -10 dB Transmit on 20km SMF.
    Transmitter and Dispersion Penalty TDP 1 dB
    Optical Waveform Diagram Compliant With ITU-T G984.2 PRBS 223 –1 @1244.16Mbps

    Receiver Optical characteritics:

    Parameter Symbol Min Typical Max Unit Note
    Operating Wavelength 1480 1490 1500 um
    Sensitivity SEN -28 dBm PRBS 223 – 1 @2488Mbps
    Saturation Optical Power SAT -8 dBm
    Loss of Signal De-Assert LOSD -29 dBm
    Loss of Signal Assert 0.5 dBm
    Signal-Detected Hysteresis 6 dB
    Reveiver Reflectance -12 dB λ=1490nm
    WDM Fitter Isolation 38 dB λ=1550nm
    35 dB λ=1650nm
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    BD-1234-SPM GPON Class B+, TX/RX 1310/1490nm, TX/RX rate 1.25G/2.5G, SC connector, MAC inside. Request Price

    Questions about ONU stick SFP module

    Question: Are the PON stick SFP module compatible with GPON and EPON system?

     Answer: Yes, the SFP module is dual-mode stick ONU, can be compatible with GPON and EPON.

     Question: Can the stick SFP module be compatible with Huawei/ZTE/Fiberhome and other brand OLT?

    Answer: Yes,Baudcom stick ONU SFP module can work with Huawei OLT, ZTE OLT and other brand OLT.

    Question:  Can this GPON ONU STICK SFP can changed MAC address and how to change?

    Answer: The MAC address can not be changed. If you change the MAC address, the ONU stick module will not work normally (will reboot ag.

    Question: Does the stick SFP module support update frimware OTA or manually upgrade with web gui?

    Answer:  The SFP stick module can be upgrade firmware manually web gui.

    Question: Can we change the stick module serial number?

    Answer:  The SFP module stick serial number can be changed manually by telnet or web gui.

    Question: What is the chipset in the stick module?

    Answer:  The chipset is RTL9601C.

    Question: I would like to inquire if your company offers GPON stick ONU SFP module, that have interop with huawei, fiberhome, and nokia OLT?

    Answer: Many of our clients have tested successfully the stick onu in Huawei and Fiberhome OLT. After you correct configuration in Nokia OLT, it can work in theory.

    Question: Can we read the details of the SFP module as below ?

            ONT vendor code

            ONT model

            ONT Firmware Version

            ONT access mode

            ONT management Mode

             ONT Interface type?

    Answer: Yes, these information can be read in OLT.

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