Optial Access Network 1GE EPON ONU

Optial Access Network 1GE EPON ONU

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BD-ONU-111G, 1*10/100/1000M Ethernet interface, 1*PON interface, built -in ZTE ARM processor with dual buffering, complied with CE, RoHS etc.
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    1GE EPON ONU has 1*10/100/1000M Ethernet interface, 1*PON interface, built -in ZTE ARM processor with dual buffering, complied with CE, RoHS etc.

    The 1GE EPON ONU is a powerful Multi-Mode FTTx enabled home gateway unit (HGU) or Optical Network Unit (ONU) or Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with a unique Single Fiber to GE-VLAN (SFU) Unit. The EPON ONU 1GE operates in GPON-FTTX mode with 1PON FXS port+VLAN port, and the built-in SOC ARM processor works in tandem with the AXI processor to ensure a very fast (1.25Gbps Download/1.25Gbps Up forwarding) fiber connection, making home internet browsing one of the most popular activities among house lovers.

    The 1GE EPON ONU is designated to support L2/L3 VLAN multicast, L2 AP bridging, L3 routing technology and NAPT etc. multi functions, support multi OLT fiber networking such as FTTH-Fiber Terminal to Home, FTTB-Fiber Terminal to building, can be connected with a routing platform (ISP) to offer fiber internet access service to more than 110 ONU CPEs (at 10Mbps) and 70 ONU CPEs (at 15Mbps), 58 ONU CPEs (at 20Mbps); Each CPE can be connected by how many internet devices, like laptop, computer, mobile devices, etc. will be subjected to its bandwidth 1~20Mbps privilege allocated by QoS. it’s also has enough bandwidth to support optional features like The phone +,VOIP, IPTV+, gigabit high speed internet, ATV, CATV, etc, it’s one of the ideal choice for ISPs and Telecom carrier’s deployment of NEW and maintenance Projects of FTTx at NOC, easy to install and plug and play.


    BD-ONU-111G is a standardized product of EPON, adopting BD-ONU-111G+1PON SFU, easy to install, plug and play.
    Built -in ZTE ARM processor with dual buffering.
    Fully Comply with the IEEE 802.3; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE802.3ab; IEEE 802.3ah standard.
    The maximum download stream data rate can be 1.244GB/S, while the maximum upstream rate is 1.244 GB/S
    Supporting AES128 encryption and decryption functions of G984 standard
    Supporting PLOAM of G984 standards, embedded OAM&OMCI processing.
    Supporting synchronous Ethernet function
    Supporting dynamic transmission error uploading function
    Supporting malicious ONU detection function
    Up to the energy conservation of G987.3
    Support Hardware ONU Detective and registration



    Hardware specifications


    ZTE 279100A




    1GB DDR


    128M bit Flash

    Power Supply

    Input:AC 90V-240V   Output:DC 12V 0.5A

    Protocol & Standard

    IEEE 802.3; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE802.3ab; IEEE 802.3ah

    Data Forwarding Speed

    Down/up max:1.25G/1.25G


    Operating temperature: 0℃~45℃; Storage temperature: -40℃~70℃
    Operating humidity: 10%~95% RH non-condensing; Storage temperature: 5%~95% RH non-condensing.

    Interface Specification

    Ethernet interface

    One 10/100/1000M Ethernet interface

    PON interface

    One PON interface


    One Reset button

    Power switch


    Product introduction

    BD-ONU-111G is EPON SFU GE terminal that applied to FTTX, and meet the PON technical specification of China Telecom, China Unicom and China mobile. The size is small and light-weight, which is easy for upgrading or rebuilding of old Cable network to Fiber Network.


    l  Intelligence: The SFU has the capability of remote deployment, fault diagnosis and performance statistics by of OAM protocol, it reduces the maintenance cost and no technical configuration fee and easy of manipulation.

    l  Powerful protection:Interior multi-level protection and isolating circuit can less the damage chance of lightning, also the Wide voltage input can prevent the harmful effort caused by high-low voltage grid fluctuation and line surge.

    l  High-quality: Guaranteed by the Chinese CCC certification and telecommunication equipment network entry Permit, the standard of safety and EMC is fully complied with the industry standards. To assure of high guaranteed quality. Highly reliable components supplier Chain management and rich experienced circuit design engineers are supported, high effective green energy power save of power consumption, makes the MTBF of our product can be 50,000 hours.

    l  Complied with CE, RoHS etc.

    Order information

    Question1: Can Baudcom ONT/ONU support IPv6?
    Answer: Yes, Baudcom ONT/ONU supports IPv6.

    Question2: Does Baudcom ONT/ONU offer OEM service?
    Answer: Yes, Baudcom ONT/ONU offers OEM service and can print logos according to customers’ design.

    Question3: Does TP-Link OLT have limitation on your ONU?
    Answer: No, Baudcom ONU can connect TP-Link OLT easily.

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