ADSS Fiber Cable

ADSS Fiber Cable 6-144core, all are available. high mechanical strength, 100 to 400Meter span distance.

  • fiber optic ADSS-32F G652D Single PE Jacket 100 meters span cable

    Descriptions ADSS optical cable is also known as the full medium self supported optical cable, the whole medium that optical cable is used as a full medium material. Self bearing means that the fiber cable itself can bear the weight and external load. This name points out the use environment and key technology of the optical cable: because it is self bearing…
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  • Mini ADSS ASU80 6core outdoor Optical fiber aerial cable

    Overview: Baudcom’s mini ADSS Aerial Self-Supported ASU Fiber Optic Cable is used as outdoor distribution cable for outdoor-indoor distribution, the mini ADSS ASU cable is suitable for aerial long distance communication. The ASU fiber cable are made of a loose tube structure and water-resistant gel compound which provide crucial protection for the fiber. Wat…
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  • 12Core Aerial Fiber Cable Self-Supporting ASU

    Overview: Compared with the traditional ADSS optical cable, 12Core Aerial Fiber Cable Self-Supported ASU Optical fiber cable with same span can reduce the production cost and reduce the overall structure size. Profile View Fibers & Loose Tube Colours Display 12Core Aerial Self-Supported ASU Optical fiber cable Application: Adopted to Outdoor distribution…
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