Direct Buried Fiber Cable

underground fiber cable

  • GYTA Armoured Fiber Cable

    Model: BD-GYTA-144B Cable Structure Diagram 1-288 cores  GYTA Armoured Optical Fiber Cable Central strength member 1.8mm Steel Outer diameter Vary from 7 to 14mm Application Aerial ,duct, pipeline, underground Cores available 2,4,6,8,12,24,36,48,72,96,144,288 Cores type G652D,G657A,G655C Attenuation @1310nm  ≤0.36dB/km Attenuation @1550nm  ≤0.22dB/km OEM/ODM…
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  • 6core Direct Buried Optical Fiber Cable

    6core Direct Buried Cable is the steel tape armored outdoor fiber optic cable, 1 tube, 6 fiber, single mode or multimode fiber
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  • Direct Buried 144Fiber Cable

    Fiber Parameter No. items unit parameter G.652D 1 Mode field diameter 1310nm μm 9.2±0.4 1550nm μm 10.4±0.5 2 Cladding diameter μm 124.8±0.7 3 non-circularity of cladding % ≤0.7 4 Core / cladding concentric error μm ≤0.5 5 Coating diameter μm 245±5 6 Coating layer ellipticity % ≤6.0 7 Cladding / coating layer with concentric error μm ≤12.0 8 Fiber optic cable…
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