Drop Fiber Cable

1core 2core 4core 8core drop fiber cable, indoor or outdoor

  • Stranded Air Blown Fiber Cable

    The GCYFY Micro Fiber Optic Cable is a Stranded Air Blown Fiber Cable using for long-distance communication lines, micro design.
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  • 1 Cores FTTH flat outdoor fiber optic cable

    Key Data Outdoor model BD-GJXCH Jacket PVC or LSZH Cores available 1 core Dropping steel mesenger OD 1×1.0mm Protecting inner wires(or FRP) OD 2×0.45mm Jacket colors Black,white etc., Fiber Type G652D/G657A1/G657A2 Modes Singlemode, Multi-mode Length 1km/2km/3km each roll Fiber Parameters No. Items Unit Specification G.657A1 1 Mode Field Diameter 1…
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  • 12 Core Indoor Fiber Drop Cable

    Description The 12-core optical cable is a communication cable with 12 optical fibers (components of silica, quartz glass) built in. With a variety of structural models and two transmission modes, it is a widely used communication optical cable. In terms of structure, 12-core optical cables are mainly divided into two types: outdoor and indoor. The indoor ty…
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  • 12core outdoor drop fiber optical cable with steel

    12core outdoor drop fiber optical cable with steel
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