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E1 Fiber Modem

  • Desk type E1 Fiber Optic Modem E1 to Fiber Converter

    E1 fiber optic modem is to modulate E1 signal to single or multi-mode fiber.The fiber modem support 75ohm or 120ohm.
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  • RS232 to Fiber Optic Converter

    rs232 to fiber optic converter realizes transmission of RS232 over fiber. RS232/RS485/RS422 are optional, 0-115.2KBps baud rate.
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  • RS422 Fiber Optic Converter

    RS422 fiber optic converter. distance up to 120km. WDM(bi-di),dual fiber, single mode or multimode fiber are availble.
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  • 4Channel Dry Contact Closure over Optical Fiber Modem

    dry contact closure over fiber converter modem, 4channel, Optical interface: SC or FC; single fiber; Optical Wavelenth: 1310 nm/1550nm
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  • DS3 Fiber Modem | T3 Fiber Modem

    Description The DS3 fiber modem is used to provide 44.736M (T3) converter between electrical interface and optical interface of PDH network. The converter features compactness, light weight, low power consumption and high reliability. The 45M O/E Converter operates on 1.31mm lasers, with a typical transmission distance of 40 km over single mode optical fiber…
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  • E3 Fiber Modem

    Product Brief BD-OP-E3 is an interface converter for E3 electrical and optical interface conversion. It is designed for the PDH equipment coaxial interface and optical interface interconnect. Complete loop-back facility supported for system diagnostic and commissioning. Compact casing and simple operation achieve the cost saving and investment protected. Fea…
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  • V35 Fiber Modem

    Product function: V.35 fiber modem extends V.35 interface service over fiber. A pair of V.35 Fiber Modems provides n*64K(n=1-32) V.35 network  “extension”  between remote and locations .The BD-OP-V35 is designed to transmit/receive V.35 data over one string of fiber. The BD-OP-V35 allows transmission over Single-mode fiber with distances up to 12…
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  • Fiber-1Voice+4E1+4FE+4RS232 Multiplexer

    Overview  This device provides 1Channel telephone, 1-4*Channel E1 interface, 4*Channel 10M/100M Ethernet interface (Wire Speed 100M) and 4 expansion interface. 4*Channel Ethernet interface is switch interface, can support VLAN. 4 expansion interface can be used as the transmission channel of RS232/RS485/RS422 asynchronous data, voice signal, 2/4 line E&M…
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