High Accuracy Stabilized Optical Power Meter

High Accuracy Stabilized Optical Power Meter

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High Accuracy Optical Power Meter is more functional and inteligent which works together with stabilized Optical Laser Source, can be used to identify optical fiber, measure optical attenuation, verify continuity an evaluate fiber link transmission quality.
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    High Accuracy Optical Power Meter has auto wavelength recognition, computer supported, referencing function, and maximum testing range is up to 150km.

    The High Accuracy Power Meter is more smart and functional. It is suitable for use in laboratories, LANs, WANs, CATV, and long distance optical networks. The cost effective Optical Power Meter can be used to verify continuity, measure optical attenuation, evaluate fiber link transmission quality and identify optical fiber, and when used in conjunction with Stabilized Optical Laser Sources.

    Auto-wavelengths Recognition

    Baudcom’s Optical Laser Source can transmit with a wavelength identification digital encrypted protocol, enabling the 04 Series Optical Power Meter to automatically switch to the proper calibration wavelength. This feature reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the possibility of making mistakes.

    Referencing Function

    Signal encrypting can also give the receiving end information on the power to be used as reference, helping ensure efficient referencing, even when the two units are far apart.

    Computer Supported

    Memory capacity of 1,000 data items; enables data transfer to a PC via USB connection. With the software, the datasheet can be saved as excel or txt, and print out directly.

    Testing Range

    Maximum testing range up to 150km (when using BAUDCOM’s Optical Laser Source with BAUDCOM’s 2A04 Optical Power Meter).


    • Integrated with high performance optical detector
    • LCD backlight for easy operation in darker environments
    • Two powering systems: internal rechargeable batteries or AC adaptor
    • Wide dynamic range and high power measurement capability
    • High accuracy and stabilized
    • Auto-off function: saves the power and low power consumption allows extended operation in the field
    • Recommended calibration interval
    Model BD-POW-2A04  BD-POW-2B04
    Calibrated Wavelength 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
    Detector Type InGaAs
    Accuracy ±0.2db±1nW ±0.2db±10nW
    Resolution 0.01dB
    Auto Power-off Yes
    Reference Value Yes
    Measuring Range  -70 to +10dBm @1550nm  -50 to +26dBm @1550nm
    Data Storage Yes
    Tone Detection 270, 1k, 2kHz (≥-40dBm) 270, 1k, 2kHz (≥-20dBm)
    Operating Temperature  -10 to +50℃
    Storage Temperature  -20 to +70℃
    Power supply 2pcs*Ni-MH AA (2500mAh); USB cable
    Dimension 160L*76W*45mmH
    Net Weight 270g

    Standard Accessories:

    FC/PC adapter, SC/PC adapter, 2*AA rechargeable batteries, USB cable, test report, carrying bag, CD software, user manual

    Optional Accessories:

    interchangeable ST adapter ;

    male FC to female LC adapter for LC connector

    Order information
    Product Model Descriptions Inquiry
    BD-POW-2B04 Measuring Range(dBm): -50 to +26,Data storage & PC software supporting Request Price
    BD-POW-2A04 Measuring Range(dBm): -70 to +26,Data storage & PC software supporting Request Price
    Question: For calibration, are your Optical Power Meter equipment calibrated? If yes, how many years?
    Answer: Yes, the Optical Power Meter need to be calibrated. The calibration can be done one time per year. The users can calibrate the power meter easily as our user manual.
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