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Summary: series OTDR adopts 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen. It integrates 12 functions, such as au…
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    series OTDR adopts 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen. It integrates 12 functions, such as auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, RJ45 cable tracker, and “computer level” file management to meet various test requirements in different occasions. OTDR has a maximum dynamic range of 26dB, 8G memory, and can store more than 200,000 curves; it is equipped with 4000mAh high-density polymer lithium battery, intelligent power saving management, measuring time of more than 8 hours, and supporting power supply and charging of the
    power bank.
    series are used to measure the length, loss, connection quality and other parameters of optical fiber. It is widely used in FTTX, secondary backbone network engineering construction, maintenance and emergency repair test, and production measurement of optical
    fiber and cable.
    Auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, LS, VFL, RJ45 cable tracker(Including line finder), RJ45 cable sequence, RJ45 cable length, end face detection(Optional), flashlight,optical loss test

    Technical specifications

    Model S1 S2 D F1 F2 T
    Wavelength 1310±20nm 1550±20nm 1310/1550±20nm 1310±20nm 1550±20nm 1610±20nm
    Fiber Type G.652
    Dynamic Range 26dB 24dB 26/24dB 26dB 24dB 22dB
    Event Blind Zone 2.5m
    ATT Blind Zone 8m
    Test Range 500m/1km/2km/4km/8km/16km/32km/64km/100km
    Pulse Width 3ns~20us
    Ranging accuracy ±(1m+ Sampling interval +0.005%×Test distance)
    Loss accuracy ±0.05dB/dB
    Sampling Points 16k~128k
    Sampling resolution 0.05m~8m
    Reflection accuracy ±3dB
    Data Storage 8G,≥200,000 curves
    Laser Safety Level Class 2级
    File format SOR Standard file format
    Connector FC/UPC(Interchangeable SC、ST)
    Wave Range 800nm~1700nm
    Connector Universal Joint FC/SC/ST
    Test Range -70dBm~+6dBm(-50dBm~+26dBm optional)
    Uncertainty ±5%
    Frequency Identification CW/270/330/1k/2kHz
    Calibration wavelength 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm
    LD Type FP-LD
    Wavelength Consistent with OTDR output wavelength
    Output Power (-2dBm±~-10dBm)±2dB (Adjustable output power)
    Modulation Frequency 270/330/1k/2kHz
    Stability CW,±0.5dB/15min(Test after 15 minutes of preheating)
    Connector FC/UPC(Interchangeable SC、ST)
    Wavelength 650nm±20nm
    Output Power ≥10mW
    Mode CW/1Hz/2Hz
    Connector FC/UPC(Interchangeable SC、ST)
    RJ45 Cable length/Cable sequence/Cable Tracking
    Test Range 300m
    Display 4.3 inch Color LCD,Multi touch capacitive touch screen
    Data Interface Type-C
    External storage TF card
    Power Supply Polymer Li-Battery:3.7V,4000mAh


    Battery Life Standby>20h;Measuring time>12h
    Working Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
    Relative Humidity 0~95% Non Condensing
    Weight ≤500g
    Size 173mm×109mm×45mm


    1、F1 can test fiber with 1490/1550nm signal (power ≤-5dBm)

    F2 can test fiber with 1310/1490nm signal (power ≤-5dBm)

    T can test fiber with 1310/1490/1550nm signal (power ≤+2dBm)

    2、Dynamic Range test temperature is 25℃+2℃, maximum pulse width, the average time is more than 3 minutes.

    3、The test conditions of event blind zone are minimum range, minimum pulse width, reflection loss of optical fiber end (> 45dB), typical value.

    Standard configuration

    NO. Name Quantity Remarks
    1 Host 1 Battery included
    2 Adapter 1
    3 Data Line 1
    4 8G TF card(Analysis software/User’s Manual) 1 built-in OTDR
    5 User’s Manual 1
    6 SC/UPC
    7 Qualification Certificate/ Service Guarantee Card 1
    8 Calibration Certificate 1
    9 Clean Cotton Slices 1
    10 Instrument Backpack 1

    NoteThe OTDR connector is FC/UPC as standard and FC/APC is optional.





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