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Passive FTTH Optical receiver

Passive FTTH Optical receiver

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Passive FTTH Optical receiver, cost-effective, no need power. ■ High quality plastic case; ■ Digital signal input -10dBm, analog signal input -7dBm; ■ Without power supply and consumption; ■ SC/APC or FC/APC; ■ Output level> 64dBuV (Pin=0dB).
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    ■ High quality plastic case;

    ■ Digital signal input -10dBm, analog signal input -7dBm;

    ■ Without power supply and consumption;

    ■ SC/APC or FC/APC;

    ■ Output level> 64dBuV (Pin=0dB).

    Passive Optical receiver parameter

    Wavelength 1100~1600nm0&1550nm CNR(note3) ≥51dB
    Input optical power 0dBm~-7dBm(Analog)&0dBm~-10dBm(Digital) CTB(note3) ≥65dB
    Return loss >45dB CSO(note3) ≥62dB
    Optical connector FC/APC&SC/APC  FC/PC&SC/PC Working Tempeture -25℃ ~+45℃
    Bandwidth 40~862MHz Output port 1
    Flatness ±0.75dB@40~862MHz&1006MHz RF output impedance 75Ω
    RF output reflection ≥16dB@40~550MHz ≥14dB@550~862&1006MHz Size 65×22×10mm
    Output level >64dBuV(0dBm test)

    Note 3: Under the fixed link loss, 550 MHz has 59 PAL – D channel analog TV signals. Among 550 MHZ to 862 MHz, every 2 MHZ band transfer the digital modulation signals. Passive FTTH Optical receiver is tested when the digital modulation signal level is 10dBm lower than analog modulation signal level and the optical receiver input optical power is -4dBm. Test results will differ according to the different hybrid module

    passive optical receiver baudcom

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    BD-OR-Mini Mini Passive FTTH optical receiver, cost-effective, suitable for the FTTH network optical fiber user access terminal Request Price
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