Fiber Distribution Panel

Fiber Optical Distribution Panel

  • 4 Core Rack Mounting Drawer Type Fiber Optic Distribution Box

    Fiber optic distribution box, can be used as 19inch rack mount or wall mount panel, drawer type design, easy operation and maintenance, 4 core, LC/SC/FC/ST adapters are available
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  • Fixed type 2U 19-inch 48Port ODF Fiber Optic Patch Panel

    Fixed type 2U 19-inch 48Port ODF fiber optic patch panel is high quality cold rolled sheet forming, electrostatic powder spraying technology, smooth surface, not east to rust. The 48Port ODF Fiber Panel is made of high strength sheet metal, long-term using is not easy to deformation. The edges of metal parts are designed with rounded corners to avoid damage to cables. The 48port ODF is available for the fiber adapters installation of FC, SC, ST, LC.  The fiber odf panel is fully loaded with panels, adaptors, splices trays and accessories and is ready for installation. The ODF fiber patch panel…
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  • Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Box

    Fiber Optic Distribution Terminal Box connects the fiber throughout the house and can be hung on the wall or anchored to the floor. It has access style, 19” standard and common style.
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