PON Aggregation Extender

PON Aggregation Extender

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BD-PAE-8 PON Aggregation Extender supports 1+1 dual power backup (AC220V/DC48V mixed application), WDM cards and hot swap, adopting NMS3000 network management platform.
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    PON Aggregation Extender supports 8-channel GPON / EPON aggregation. The 8 PON GEPON aggregation extender has a 1+1 dual power backup capability (AC220V/DC48V mixed application). WDM cards and hot swap are both supported by the PON aggregation extender. The NMS3000 network management platform is used by the PON extender, which provides in-band network administration and can be managed remotely via the in-band management channel. The NMS3000 is a robust management system with a user-friendly interface, quick configuration and setup, and simple network maintenance and management.

    Product Parameters

    Parameters BD-PAE-8
    Device Dimensions (mm) 44 (H) * 445 (W) * 325 (D) mm
    Power supply DC -48 / -60V orAC 110 ~ 220V orDC -48/-60V and AC 110~220V (mixed)
    Installation Method Cabinet installation
    The maximum number of wavelengths 4
    Service slots 2
    Single-channel maximum rate 10Gbit / s
    Cross particle ODU1 ODU2
    Optical fiber interface LC / UPC, SC / UPC
    Transmission fiber G.652 G.653 G.655
    Protection mode Device level protection: 1 + 1 power backup
    Network level protection: OTU2 SNCP protection on line side
    Transmission technology CWDM (G.694.2)2.5G /10G line rate
    Electrical cross Fixed rate crossing based on ODU1 / ODU2 port
    Network topology Point to Point


    GPON is the abbreviation of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks. GPON supports various transmission rates of the same protocol. The laser with a wavelength of 1490 nm transmits downstream data, while the upstream data is transmitted at a wavelength of 1310 nm. The maximum downlink data rate is 2.5 Gbps, and the maximum uplink data rate is 1.25 Gbps.


    EPON is the abbreviation of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks. EPON technology provides a bidirectional 1 GB/s link. The downlink uses a 1490nm wavelength, and the uplink uses a 1310nm wavelength. The 1550nm wavelength is reserved for future expansion or additional services. The original line data rate in both the upstream and downstream directions is 1.25 GB/s. With the advantages of scalability, simplicity, multicast convenience, and full-service access capabilities, EPON is used in networks in many regions of Asia.

    Features Description
    Basic function l  Supports general management on SC card.l  Supports configuration management, alarm management, performance management, fault management etc. for PAE service card.l  Supports in-band management.

    l  Supports in-band DCN.

    l  Supports processing and forwarding synchronization information internally.

    l  Supports monitoring and management on FAN and Power supply.

    l  Supports 8-channel GPON / EPON aggregation. Supports multiplexing / de-multiplexing between PON signal and ODU2.

    l  GPON mode: supports 4 x GPON signal multiplexed into 1 x OTU2, up to 8 x GPON signal generated into 2 x OTU2 per card; The OTU2 interfaces are independent.

    l  EPON Mode : supports 8 x EPON signal multiplexed into 1 x OTU2

    OTN function l  Supports PM, SM overhead processing on the line-side interface, support TTI.l  Supports scrambler and descrambler.l  GPON: 2.5GODU1ODU2LINK

    l  EPON: 1.25G2.5GODU1ODU2LINK

    l  Support FEC G709.

    Line protection l  GPON mode: supports 1+1 protection for 4 x GPON signals.l  EPON Mode : supports 1+1 protection for 8 x EPON signals.
    PON port -processing Support 3R function for PON port.
    GPONODUk mapping l  Downlink: supports alarm monitor for GPON OLT downstream interfaces on client side; supports ODU1 de-mapping for GPON downstream signals on ONU side.l  Uplink: supports alarm monitor for GPON ONU upstream interfaces on client side; supports 1.244G ODU1 mapping on ONU side.l  Supports overhead processing for PM layer.
    EPONODUk mapping l  Downlink: supports alarm monitor for EPON OLT downstream interfaces on client side; supports ODU0 de-mapping for EPON downstream signals on ONU side.l  Uplink: supports alarm monitor for EPON ONU upstream interfaces on client side; supports 1.244G ODU0 mapping on ONU side.l  Supports overhead processing for PM layer.
    ODUk GCC function l  GPON Mode: supports 2 independent GCC0.l  EPON Mode : supports 2 independent GCC0.
    PON proxy l  GPON mode: supports GPON range proxy, supports GPON leading compensation.l  EPON mode: supports EPON idle compensation.
    PM and alarm monitoring l  Supports alarm monitoring and alarm management, such as alarm suppression, alarm reversal, alarm shielding, and so on.l  Supports PM and PM monitoring, such as zero suppression performance, current performance, and historical performance and so on.
    Service card hot swap l  Support
    Optical transceiver management l  Supports DDM.l  Supports hot swap.


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