Chassis E1 converter

  • 4U 17Slots Rack Mount Chassis for E1 Converter and Fiber Multiplexer

    The rack mount chassis is 4U high and 17solts which can be inserted 17 pcs service cards, or one network management card and 16 service cards, each card works independently. The rack chassis can support E1 fiber modem, e1 converter, 4E1 fiber multiplexer, 4E1 ethenet converter etc cards. double power supply, central SNMP management.
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  • Managed Four Slots Chassis Media Converter

    The four slot rack chassis media converter can be inserted in 4 media converter cards. The rack chassis media converter provide SNMP network management function and full alarms display. The fiber media convert is a practical network solution which realize 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX fiber converter.
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  • Managed Chassis Media Converter

    The managed chassis media converter support local can remote network management by three ways: SNMP management,web based managment,consol management.Support our media converter series, making centrally located SNMP managed chassis solution.
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  • Unmanaged 16 Slots Rack Media Converter

    BD02 is a 2U 19″ media converter rack, Different types of module type media converter developed by our company can be inserted into this rack, which total slots up to 16. two power supplies: main power supply and spare one, and supports its automatic switch-over.
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  • Unmanaged Chassis Media Converter

    14slots unmanaged media converter,2U 19″,can insert different media converter module cards,it is also suitable for 10/100M and 10/100/1000M standalone media converter,double power
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