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Patch cord de fibra

Baudcom provide optical fiber patch cord with various connectors, SC, FC, LC, ST.
Single mode, multimode fiber patch cords, high quality, low optical loss

  • LC Duplex Cable CPRI Fiber Optic Cable Amoured Branch

    LC Duplex Cable CPRI Fiber Optic Cable Amoured Branch, 5.0 double core armored cable, two tight sleeved optical fibers, armored tube
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  • Cabo de patch cord de fibra óptica

    Description: About Fiber optic connector , the ITU call it as a kind of passive light component which can connect two or more fiber lines stably but not always. It can make a close connection for fiber cable and make a wonderful transmission for the light energy. It meet standards IEC 61754-4.  Features:                       1 Low insertion loss and back re…
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  • Pacote Fan-out de fibra óptica Pigtail 12 Ribbon

    OS2, OS1, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 fiber type 12 cores sc/pc singlemode Ribbon pigtails fan-out are made of multi core round bundle fiber optic cable, which is also called distribution fiber optic cable. It is generally installed in closet area like rack mount or wall mount splice boxes or patch panels. Bundle fan-out pigtail is an amount (2 -12 fibers) of 900 μm …
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  • ftth Jumper SC FC LC trança óptica de fibra

    Jumper Fiber Optical Pigtail is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch or other telecommunication equipment. Its thick layer of protection is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver, and the optic terminal box. This is known as “interconnect-st…
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