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  • Receptor óptico FTTH CATV com WDM

    Description : BD-OR-WDM optical receiver is the featured product that we specially designed for FTTH-Fiber to the Home network structure.  The optical receiver integrated with WDM. With small shell, compact and reasonable internal circuit structure and excellent performance indicators. It is the first choice for residential area and home fiber optic network….
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  • Receptor óptico FTTH CATV

    BD-OR-RF FTTH catv optical receiver is the featured product that we specially designed for FTTH-Fiber to the Home network structure. With small shell, compact and reasonable internal circuit structure and excellent performance indicators.The optical receiver is the first choice for residential area and home fiber optic network. Feature High quality plastic s…
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  • Receptor óptico FTTH passivo de fibra única com WDM

                     Unit indicator Optical parameters: Input optical power dBm -10~0 Reflection loss dB >45 Received light wavelength nm 1310~1550 Input optical interface SC/APC-SC/PC Link performance:: C/N dB ≥51 C/CTB dB ≥65 C/CSO dB ≥62 RF parameters: Frequency Range MHz 47~1000 In-band flatness dB 1.5 Output level dBμV 50(-10dB…
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  • Receptor óptico FTTH passivo

    Feature ■ High quality plastic case; ■ Digital signal input -10dBm, analog signal input -7dBm; ■ Without power supply and consumption; ■ SC/APC or FC/APC; ■ Output level> 64dBuV (Pin=0dB). Passive FTTH Optical receiver parameter Wavelength 1100~1600nm0&1550nm CNR(note3) ≥51dB Input optical power 0dBm~-7dBm(Analog)&0dBm~-10dBm(Digital) CTB(note3) 输…
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  • Receptor óptico CATV RF com saída PON WDM – 2RF

    CATV RF optical  characteristics  High-quality aluminum profile shell with good heat dissipation.  RF channel full GaAs low noise amplifier circuit. The digital signal satisfies -15dBm reception and the analog signal satisfies -10dBm reception. With light input AGC function (AGC range can be customized). Low-power design, high-efficiency switching power supp…
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  • Receptor óptico de quatro saídas tipo externo

    Applications The four-way output optical receiver is a field rain-proof receiver. It is suitable for users with concentrated buildings or communities or villages. It is suitable for multi-port high-level output distribution network. It is suitablefor areas where power is not convenient, single unit with multiple users. Can be used with ONU or EOC to achieve …
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  • Saída RF de 2 vias do receptor óptico externo com AGC

    nó receptor óptico externo saída de RF de alto nível de 2 vias, amplificação de baixo ruído, revestimento de liga elástica de alumínio de alta qualidade. FTTH ideal.
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  • Amplificador de fibra óptica de alta potência de 64 portas erbium EDFA

    Description The 64 port EDFA is high output power C-Band Er-Yb co-doped double cladding fiber optic amplifier. The key components of the product are high reliability multimode PUMP laser and the double cladding optical fiber. A proprietary ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) and APC (Automatic Power Control) circuit insures the high stability and reliability…
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  • Amplificador óptico de alta potência de 32 portas EY co-dopado EDFA

    Features    ●   High output power, E-Y co-doped ●   Warm backup, on-line standby, auto redundancy    ●   Support ITU channels banding    ●   Low optical input power, Adjustable output optical power -3dB    ●   APC / ATC circuit design, built-in high-power optical isolator, mainly used for fiber access network of EPON architecture    ●   Single/dual input for…
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  • Amplificador de fibra óptica de alta potência EDFA de 16 portas

    Overview: The EY-doped fiber amplifier is a high power optical amplifier. It offers a highly reliable, flexible and low-cost solution for CATV large area coverage of metropolises and medium sized cities, that are high density home pass, especially for FTTH application. Feature: High output power, E-Y co-doped Warm backup, on-line standby, auto redundancy Sup…
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  • Combinador PON de 8 portas 1550nm EDFA WDM

    WDM EDFA, 8Portas 1550nm, utilizado em redes CATV HFC para sinal de TV com transmissão de longa distância, combinador WDM pon
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  • Amplificador de fibra EDFA 1550nm de alta potência de 4 portas

    Feature ◆High Power:Up to 2W total,1 Unit for 2000~4000 optical node ◆Low Noise Figure:Below 5.5dB ( +5dBm input) ◆Er Yb co-doped DCF Amplify Technology:Patent Pump Dump Technology ◆Low CSO: <-70dBc ◆23dBm×N,20dBm×N or 17dBm×N output is optional ◆Controllability and maneuverability: Dual CPU to deal Control loop and Communication separately     ◆High Stabili…
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  • Mini EDFA de 4 portas de alta potência para FTTH

    Feature ◆High Power:Up to 2W total,1 Unit for 2000~4000 optical node ◆Low Noise Figure:Below 5.5dB ( +5dBm input) ◆Er Yb co-doped DCF Amplify Technology:Patent Pump Dump Technology ◆Low CSO: <-70dBc ◆23dBm×N,20dBm×N or 17dBm×N output is optional ◆Control ability and maneuverability: Dual CPU to deal Control loop and Communication separately ◆High Stability A…
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  • Transmissor Óptico Modulado Diretamente CATV 1550nm

    Description According to the Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB) planning and PON standards, 1550nm is defined as the transmission wavelength for HFC downstream. The high cost of 1550nm external modulated transmitter and dispersion effects of 1550nm directly modulated make network transformation difficult. Thus we create the 1550nm directly modulated optical …
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  • Transmissor Óptico Modulado Externo 1550nm

    The external modulated transmitter is specially developed for the CATV signal that satisfies HFC network, and the long-distance transmission of cable phone and cable data.This optical transmitter is a 1550nm DFB laser. The external modulated transmitter can be managed by console or WEB managed, easily mornitor and configure. Working principle It has 7 functi…
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  • mini transmissor óptico

    Model: BD-OT-Mini-15 FEATURES .Designed for FTTH(Fiber To The Home)networks .Excellent linearity and flatness .Single-mode fiber high return loss Extremely low noise .Ultra low noise technology .There is a optical Receive module .Smaller size and easier DESCRIPTION The BD-OT-Mini-15 have two SC/APC Connector. Works at the supply voltage DC12V. RF input imped…
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  • Amplificador óptico EDFA SDH de reforço de canal único

    Highlights 2  Hot Swap Network Management Agent 2  SNMP network management interface: RJ45 2  Support Telnet for optional 2  ASE noise filter & ASE suppression filters 2  High Precise ACC (automatic constant current) Circuit as default 2  ATC (automatic temperature control) function 2  Offering status appearance and diagnosing fault with LCD Introduction…
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  • Mini ONT Micro 1GE XPON ONU econômico, conecte e use

    The mini ont is single-user 1GE ONU which is designed for different FTTH solutions. The carrier-class FTTH application provides date service access. The Micro ont adopts high-performance and low-consumption chips, and supports CTC V2.0 interconnection and interworking standard of China Telecom. With the help of  NGBN View NMS, it can provide subscribers with…
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  • Roteador WIFI6 ONU XPON Dualband wifi 1800M 4GE POTS

    O roteador WiFi6 ONU XPON é especialmente projetado para atender às necessidades de serviços FTTH e triple play, 4GE + POTs + USB, o gpon onu wifi 6 suporta o protocolo OAM / OMCI, pode funcionar com a maioria das marcas OLT.
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  • Roteador modem 2GE WiFi AC ONU GPON ftth

    2GE WiFi AC ONU possui duas conexões Ethernet gigabit, suporta função de roteador de modem ftth, pode funcionar com a maioria das marcas OLT
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