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Satellite Optical Transmitter

Satellite Optical Transmitter

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Description BD-OP-SAT satellite optical transmitter adopts high linearity cooling DFB laser, direct …
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    BD-OP-SAT satellite optical transmitter adopts high linearity cooling DFB laser, direct modulated. Realize the simultaneous transmission of 47-862MHz CATV signal and 960~2600MHz satellite direct TV signal in one optical fiber.

    BD-OP-SAT satellite optical transmitter can use ITU standard wave length and DWDM to realize network upgrade and expansion. Its optical power can be amplified by EDFA and YEDFA, achieve large area FTTH. It can be compatible with FTTxPON technology to realize FTTH and the multi-network integration of CATV (Analog and Digital TV), Satellite Television (DVB-S) and Internet.

    BD-OP-SAT adopts 1U 19” standard rack, microprocessor controls the working parameters, front panel LCD provides status display and fault diagnosis. Standard RJ45 communication interface, with SNMP network management function. Built-in perfect laser APC and ATC control circuit to ensure the long working life and high reliable work of the laser.

    SAT-IF adopts high linearity IF driving amplifier circuit with AGC function to ensure the high quality transmission of Analog TV, Digital TV (DVB-C, DVB-T) and Satellite TV in one optical fiber.

    Block Diagram

    Front Panel

    1 Power indicator 2 Run indicator 3 Laser working indicator
    4 RF input indicator 5 LCD 6 ESC
    7 Down 8 Up 9 Enter
    10 Laser switching key 11 RF input test port


    Rear Panel

    1 Fan outlet 2 RF signal input port 3 Voltage output switch
    4 +18V indicator 5 +12V indicator 6 RS232 interface
    7 LAN interface 8 Optical output interface 9 Power socket
    10 Power socket 11 Ground stud  

    Technique Parameters

    Performance Index Unit Remark
    Optical Characteristics
    Laser Type DFB Specified by the user
    Optical Wavelength 1310, 1550 or specified by the user nm Specified by the user
    Output Optical Power 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 mW Specified by the user
    Output Return Loss 50 dB
    Optical Connector Type SC/APC or FC/APC Specified by the user
    CATV RF Characteristics
    Working Bandwidth 45-862 MHz
    Input Range 75~85 dBμV Input level
    Flatness ±1 dB
    Input Return Loss 14 dB
    C/N ≥51 dB 42CH CENELEC 80dBμV AGC OMI=3.8%
    C/CTB ≥63 dB
    C/CSO ≥58 dB
    Input Impedance 75 Ω
    RF Connector F type  Male/Female Specified by the user
    SAT-IF Characteristics
    Working Bandwidth 950~2600 MHz
    Input Range 68~83 dBμV Input level
    Flatness ±1 dB
    Input Return Loss 10 dB
    C/IM3 ≥55 Note1
    General Characteristics
    Power Supply (AC) 110~265 V Optional dual power
    Consumption 20 mW
    SNMP network management interface RJ45
    Working Temperature 0~50 °C
    Storage Temperature -40~60 °C
    Dimension (W)*(D)*(H) 1U 19 inch


    Note1: C/IM3 is defined as the ratio between the peak of carrier signal and triple beat (IM3) by using a two-tone test (1.0GHz and 1.1GHz).

    ●    One optical fiber transmit CATV and SLDTV

    ●      FTTxPON (EPON, GPON)

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