Serial Port RS232 RS422 RS485 to Fiber Converter

Serial Port RS232 RS422 RS485 to Fiber Converter

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The Serial to Fiber Converter is an industrial serial port to fiber converting device, has RS232/485/422 port, can be used as point to point or connect to fiber optical switch.
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    The Serial to Fiber Converter is an industrial serial port to fiber converting device developed by BAUDCOM. It realizes transparent transmission between one channel RS232/RS485/RS422 data and fiber. The RS232 to Fiber Converter use single-mode single-fiber to transmit data, one fiber transmission can save fiber optic cable cost in long distance transmission. The power supply input can be plug or 2 line terminal, supporting 9~24V wide range input voltage. The serial fiber converter has RS232/485/422 three-in-one serial port, RS232 is common interface DB9, RS485/422 is terminal type, easy to install.
    The Serial to Fiber Converter can be used as point to point application. It can also directly connect to fiber optical switch, directly participate in the transmission and exchange of network-layer data. RS232 to Fiber Converter is the first type of full duplex, continuous, and low cost serial server in industry. It support simultaneously converting between Ethernet &Serial with large bulk of data with no pause, and also no data is lost.

    Serial to Fiber Converter Features:

    • The fiber interface use SC pluggable interface, easy for user installing.
    • Serial port provide RS232, RS485 and RS422 three type interface.
    • Support full duplex, high speed converting, and no packet lost.
    • Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP mode, and if communicating with VirCom, it automatically change to Real Com Driver Mode.
    • RS232 to Fiber Converter Supports band rate 1200~115200bps, data size 5~9bits, parity of None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space. Support CTS/RTS hardware flow control.
    • Embedded 485/422 lightning protection function, suitable for outdoor 485/422 communication.
    • Equipped freely with our Windows Virtual Serial & Device Management Tool VirCom. It supports virtual serial and searching device or modifying parameters with Vircom.
    • RS485 to Fiber Converter Provides device management library (Window DLL library). It will help user to develop program with VC, VB, Delphi, C++ Builder. User need only use read or write function to communicate with serial to fiber converter.
    • The innovative disconnecting detecting method. Whether it running in TCP Server mode or TCP Client mode can automatically establish connection after network broken, to ensure the data real-time reaching.
    • Suitable for Modbus network upgrading, support directly converting Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU.
    • With build-in Web server, its parameters can be modified by web browser.
    • Support DHCP, easy for IP management and solve IP confliction.
    • RS485 to Fiber Converter Supports DNS. It fulfills the need of access data server through domain name.
    • Support up to 100 TCP connections communicate with network module meanwhile.
    • Flexible serial data framing setting. It fulfills all kinds of serial data frame requirement.
    • UDP mode support dynamic destination address mode. It helps for multi-user mange one serial server.
    • Real Com Driver mode support using the 9-th bit to facilitate communication with milt-device. (the 9-th bit being 0 means data frame and 1 means address frame).
    • Serial to fiber converter Supports searching serial servers and modifying parameters through Internet remotely
    • Support parameter modifying protection, preventing modifying by accident. Support running with default parameters.
    • High protection of electromagnetic interference, with its high electromagnetic interference protection SECC external shell.
    Interface:422: Terminal; 485: Terminal; 232: DB9; Optical: SC
    Power Supply:5.5mm, Inside positive outside negative, standard outlet
    Size:L x W x H =9.4cm×6.5cm×2.5cm
    Communicate Interface
    Ethernet:Not in use, for extension,
    Optical Fiber (9163):Single-mode Single-fiber, double transferring
    Serial:RS232/485/422×1: RXD, TXD, GND, CTS, RTS
    Serial Parameters
    Baud rate:1200~115200bpsParity bits:None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
    Data bits:5~9Flow Control:XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS, NONE
    Optical Fiber Parameters
    Sub-Model:Emission (TX) WavelengthReceiving (RX) Wavelength
    Optical Fiber Transmission Distance:20KmOptical Communication Interface:SC
    Work Mode
    TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real Com Driver
    Power:9~24V DC, 357mA@9V(9163)
    Running temperature:-40~85℃
    Storage temp:-45~165℃
    • Industrial remote data acquisition and control.
    • Connect the serial device to fiber switch network, the PC do the data acquisition and control application.

    application of serial to fiber converter RS232 RS485 RS422 Data Port

    The serial RS232 to Fiber Converter is used in optical fiber pairs-connection, can connect two RS485 devices together through fiber, no need to configure any parameters , can plug and play.

    application of serial to fiber converter RS232 RS485 RS422 Data Port

    The serial to fiber converter usually is single-used, it can connect with fiber switch, the host monitoring software can directly access IP address to get data.

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    BD-SERIRAL-OETHRS232/RS485/RS422 serial over fiber, single fiber, SC, 20KM, RS232 DB9 connector, RS422/RS485 terminalRequest Price
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