SIP to E1 converter Trunk Gateway

SIP to E1 converter Trunk Gateway

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BD-E1-SIP is cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market to work with Asterisk/Elastix/small IPPBX
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    BD-E1-SIP is cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market  to work with Asterisk/Elastix/small IPPBX. It’s built-in echo canceller function and voice decoding conversion function. Users can flexibly select  G.711A/U, G.729, G.723,iLBC a variety voice decoding and it easily completes IP and PSTN voice and signal converting.  In addition, BD-E1-SIP provides friendly GUI configuration interface, users can freely configure and manage the equipment.


    •Cost-effective VoIP trunk  gateway
    •Support  echo cancellation, DJB, VNG, VAD and Qos
    •Voice codec option: G.711A/U,G.723.1 (option), G.729A/B(option),  iLBC(option)
    •Simple Configuration, friendly GUI, strong handling capacity,  stability system
    •Good compatibility, support Asterisk, Elastix, Freeswitch  and Small and medium IPPBX platform

    Physical Interface

    •ISDN Interface

    1/2* E1/T1, G.703, 120Ω RJ-48c

    •Network Interface

    WAN  and LAN, 2 * 10/100M Base-TX, RJ-45

    •RS232  Console

    RJ-45, 115200bps



    ISDN E1/T1,Japan T1.

    ITU-T I.431, Q.921, Q.931, ETSI Q.sig

    • R2

    China and other 22 variants

    Voice and Fax

    •G.711A/U law (G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC –optional)
    •Silence Suppression & Detection
    •Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
    •Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
    •Echo Cancellation (G.168)
    •Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer
    •Call Progress Tone Generation
    •Programmable Gain Control

    •DTMF Mode: Signal/RFC2833/Inband




    •SDP -RFC 2327
    •Network Protocol



    Http, DNS

    Physical Feature

    •Power supply:100-240V,50-60Hz


    •Temperature(operation): 0 ℃  ~ 45 ℃
    •                         (storage): -20 ℃ ~80 ℃
    •Operation Humidity: 10%-90% no condensation
    •Dimension(w/D/H): 225*150*38mm

    •Weight: 0.75kg

    Maintain & Upgrade

    •Web based configuration
    •Data backup/restore
    •Support English and Chinese
    •Firmware upgrade by TFTP/web
    •Web & Telnet  login password modify
    •Factory reset
    •Output CDR/logs by syslog
    •Call statistics

    •NTP Configuration


    •CE, FCC
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    BD-E1-SIP ISDN Interface 1/2* E1/T1, G.703, 120Ω RJ-48c Request Price

    BD-E1-SIP E1 to SIP VOIP gateway Quickly configuration
    BD-E1-SIP SIP to E1 Trunk Gateway User Manual

    Question: If I don’t have E1-PRI interface, can I test SIP interface only?
    Answer: yes, you can test the SIP interface of the E1 to SIP gateway. You can test if call hit the device.  (but the call would definitely failed since there is no E1 for terminate the call).

    Question:  Does the SIP E1 gateway support SS7 protocol? 
    Answer: Baudcom BD-E1-SIP trunk gateway can support SS7, but this is optional function. If the client need to pay for the additional charge for SS7 license.
    Question:  Can the SIP E1 voip gateway support both SS7 and PRI protocol?
    Answer: Baudcom BD-E1-SIP gateway can support SS7 and PRI. SS7 need extral charge for license. PRI is free.

    Question:  Can the E1 gateway support H.323 protocol? 
    Answer: H.323 protocol is not supported.

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